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Adam Whitlock

Hello, my name is Adam Whitlock and I have currently implimented Wikka in an intranet environment. I'm pretty satisfied with how well it handles our different needs, and that the wikka.config.php file is easily readable to make editing on the fly a piece of cake.

GmBowenWikkaAsPIM is a great PIM, though after looking through the possibilites I would have to make everyone use the same login to share a calander. I looked into the "Buddies" idea that was mentioned in the comments, and that would be great for most people. Those looking for a groupware solution geared at non-computer savvy people... it's not the best choice. I did end up giving everyone the same login for our intranet because that was too much hassle to sift though the the PIM code.

My next task is hardsetting a login so everyone is already logged in as the same user. Once that's done then I will have a successful wiki implimentation in an intranet environment.
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