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=====Wikka Administration Modules=====

This page collects links to actions under development providing administration functionality for Wikka. The goal is to monitor and discuss the development of what might become an administration package to release with future versions of WikkaWiki.

====[[UserAdmin | User Administration]]====
Tracker: [[Ticket:25]]

====[[PageAdminAction | Page Administration]]====
Tracker: [[Ticket:26]]

====[[ | System Statistics and Information]]====

====[[AdminActions | Action Administration]]====

====System Administration====
''Current version: ##n/a##''

==To do:==
~-panel for managing [[Docs:ConfigurationOptions | configuration options]] (stored either in a config file or in the DB);
~-panel to activate/disable specific actions;

==To do:==
~-add page with live news from Wikka development;

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