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I am running a Russian Wikka site: Tourclub "Romantic" (Турклуб "Романтик")

I have added a dozen of available here plugins, some of them I have modified to our needs, and few my own plugins.
The theme is also our own, made from our old WackoWiki template (we have recently migrated from WackoWiki).
The page layout is changed to introduce a main menu shown to the left. (Powered by WikkaMenus)
I an using UTF8 database and the names of pages can be in Russian, for that I had to modify the regexps in the wakka.php formatter as well as in the Wikka.class.php to use a unicode-style letter character classes, such as \pL \p{Lu} and \p{Ll}
Maybe somewhat later I will make a contribution for the project based on my effort.

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