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Automatic Replace of strings

I like the simplicity of the automatic link creation when I type a new WikiWord. But I hate having to think about it all the time and as I naturally write "the wiki word" I would like the system to understand that for me. This is particularly enerving when typing people names: typing JohnDoe is not natural and it is also a pain for the eyes of a WikiStranger.

Those having a palm certainly like the capability to code small sequences so that they are transformed into long words as soon as typed. The same kind of thing exists in most of the word processors as well.

A solution

The simplest (and perfect?) solution is now at UrlBeautify.

Another (complicated) solution

Having a database used when saving (or editing?) the WikiPage to replace an Input Entry by the Output Entry to which it is linked.
This database would be fed by an appropriate action used in the code of the WikiPages: {{equivalent words="auto replace*automatic replace" separator ="*" casematters="no" dissociated="no"}}.
Such an action placed on this very WikiPage would then transform any string "auto replace" into [[AutoReplace | auto replace]].
Moreover the confort provided by such a functionality, it allows more consistency in the WikiPages by reformating the content to ensure that the WikiLinks are generated even when the author forgot the NoSpaceInBetweenRule.

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2004-12-07 21:07:08
I just found a commercial Wiki claiming to have such a feature:
Yet I do not know how they are doing it as their code is not open.
Comment by JavaWoman
2004-12-08 21:49:46
Looks like the teamflux 'ExpandedWikiWords' does the opposite of what you're proposing: it takes a normal WikiWord in the text and creates a link out of it with spaces inserted as a link text - so 'ExpandedWikiWords' becomes a link named 'Expanded Wiki Words' (there's an Edit button on that page - use it and you see the page source...). (Such an expansion is easy to do, and has been proposed before.)
The opposite, converting 'Expanded Wiki Words' into 'ExpandedWikiWords' would be much harder, but I understand this is what you're poposing here.
2004-12-08 22:14:56
Good comment. The goal is the same: provide readability to the end users. Their solution is much simpler technically, far more simpler for the WikiEditor too. I would vote for their kind of solution: it could be part of the UserSettings to use it or not while the anonymous user shoud be considered as WikiStrangers and therefore have it by default.
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