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=====Bingo Action Documentation=====
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Development: BingoAction.>>This is the documentation page for the bingo action.::c::

I am bored in my economics lectures and needed something to play with my fellow students. A wiki seems the perfect place to manage the word list for bingo.

""{{bingo seed="SeedPage" joker="BINGO"}}""

- joker is optional, default is an empty string though
- seed is mandatory and is the WikiName of the page containing the word list. Every line on that page starting with a letter (us-ascii + german umlauts) or a number is considered one word for the game card. Lines starting with whitespace or wikka-markup are ignored. You need at least 12 words for the action to create a game card and 24 if you want to prevent duplicates on the same card - the more the better of course.

===Live Demo===
You can see the action in live [[ | here]] (german).

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