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>>==Recently committed code==
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===Who I am===

I work for a non-profit in SW Montana called [[ | Project Vote Smart]], providing unbiased and nonpartisan political data to the public for over 40,000 political candidates. We use Wikka internally as a data store. I also use an "[[WikiInAVacuum | invisible wiki]]" to host content about my [[ | automotive performance company]]. I've been an [[ | open source advocate]] for many years, and try to use open source whenever possible. My contributions to Wikka is a token of my appreciation for a great OSS application maintained and supported by a very knowledgeable group of individuals.

I am a member of the [[CreditsPage | Wikka development team]]. I help out with general site maintenance, various development and server maintenance tasks, and whatever other issues in [[ | the issues database]] catch my interest. Some of my contributions are listed below.

===Why I'm here===

I've worked my way through several versions of the Wakka->Wacko->Wikka progeny line. Wakka dead-ended on me, while my Russian never did get any better with Wacko (no, I don't speak Russian, which made it very difficult to work with Wacko beyond the level of an end user). I'm currently using Wikka to host internal content for a client with my consulting business. I would like to see, at some point down the road, a merger of the best of features in both Wacko and Wikka...I believe both have their strong points, and it would be such a waste to see features in one lost on the other.

===Wikka stuff===

==Plugins I've written==
- [[ | EditCache plugin]]: This gives you the ability to temporarily save your page edits, and provides "save and continue" functionality so you don't lose those long editing sessions due to a browser crash!
- [[ | BookmarkManager plugin]]: A [[ | social bookmarking]] clone to handle tagging of bookmarks, notes, etc. Also works nicely as a personal bookmark manager. ([[BookmarkManager | Archived page]] [deprecated]).
- [[CallsignLookupAction]]: Performs lookups against the U.S. amateur radio callsign database (local copy required; freely available from the FCC, see link on page).

==Other stuff I've written==
- I wrote a perl script to [[MigrateFromWackoWiki | migrate my Wacko pages to Wikka]]. The code is documented, so I won't bore anyone with the details.
- WordcountAction: Needed a quick and dirty wordcount action. Needs more work when time permits...
- LinkcountAction: Count links in a page. Needs optimization work.
- CloneACLs: A patch you can apply to handlers/page/clone.php that will optionally copy the ACLs from the source page to the new page while cloning a page ([[ | slated for inclusion in release 1.3/2.0]]).
- [[HTMLHandler]]: Export pages as "standalone" HTML documents (without headers, footers, comments, etc.). **Update:** This will be included in the 1.2 release.
- [[WikiInAVacuum]]: More steps to further increase the invisibility of your wiki. This is an extension of InvisibleWiki, so please access that document first before moving on to this.
- PageIndexNotesPatch: Display page notes in output from ""PageIndex"".
- RandomCommentGenerator: Like the name says...used for development of Wikka comment code.
- A [[ | screenshot]] of some code I'm working on to implement threaded comments. **Update:** This will be included in the upcoming 1.2 release.
- A port of YodaHome's FreeCap captcha anti-spambot system to trunk.
- How to implement a simple [[TwoColumnLayout | 2-column layout]].
- Some [[SEOHacks | SEO hacks]] (including the ability to specify a title and meta tag for individual pages).
- HashAction: Calculates an MD5 and/or SHA1 hash for the body of a page (hash is calculated against wiki markup as stored in the DB).

==Skunkworks (stuff I'm researching)==
- WikkaCake: Integration of [[ | CakePHP]] with Wikka. My goal is to allow for "drop-in" installation of actions and handlers developed as ""CakePHP"" apps. I currently have a test app up and running under Wikka and will post my notes and example code soon. ''Update: Working on update for compatibility with ""CakePHP"" 1.3''
- Create a gopher server (yes, ""<a href=gopher://>gopher!</a>"") capable of serving up Wikka pages. Click the gopher link for a blast from the past (or as a check for browser snobbery). More progress [[WikkaGopher | here]].
- A [[|CIA bot]] notifier. [[CIABotNotifier | Preliminary implementation]]; further enhancements (MW-specific) made by [[|brlcad]].

==Stuff others have written that I've found useful==
- [[ACLsWithUserGroups | Group ACLs]] -- A very elegant and simple solution for providing group-level granularity to ACLs.
- [[SpellcheckHack]] -- Another nice mod. Some typos in the code as posted; see comments for details.
- [[AnchorAction]] -- HTML anchors. Again, some minor code changes noted in comments to get this to work.
- [[MySkin | Skins]] -- Testing this on my own site. Still some minor glitches to work through on this, but it's pretty slick once you get it working!
- [[FilesManagementSolution]] -- File upload handler and file list action.
- [[FreeCap]] -- CAPTCHA-based registration authentication. I've posted modifications so this will work with trunk. A live version I installed can be found [[ | here]].

==Stuff I'd like to implement if/when I get the time==
- A quick and dirty handler (such as ""{{s}}"") to insert a sig in the editor
- A "store and continue edit" button on the editor (user would be able to continue editing from the same point)
- Integrate Wikka with [[ | Trac]] (or at least use the Wikka formatter in place of the currently-used wiki formatter in Trac)
- Take a closer look at KlenWell's code for refactoring/templatizing some of the Wikka code.
- Compare plugin architectures for [[ | WordPress]] and [[ | Serendipity]]
- A rename handler that not only renames a page, but modifies every wiki page that references the renamed page. (This probably needs to be extended to the delete handler as well if not already done.)
- There are some interesting ideas [[ | here]]!

==Other interesting Wikka stuff==
- [[ | Wikka PAM authentication]]
- An [[ | HTML-to-WikkaWiki markup Perl module]]

===Contact info===
Brian Koontz
brian [at] wikkawiki [dot] org

GPG fingerprint: 3C07 EF05 E8AB 9305 B2C2 A8D1 DE08 41E6 60AF DF6F

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