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===Chris Heismann===
**28 Sep 09**
Looking for some installation help, since the tech support team at my host is being a bunch of pricks (again).

I'm installing 1.2 into a new subdomain on an an existing domain where I've never installed Wikka before. I have 4 Wikka installations on another domain (on sub-domains), 2 of them were recently upgraded to 1.2, and everything went fine. However, this time the installer gives me the following error message:

Testing Configuration
Testing MySQL connection settings... FAILED
Please use your browser's back button to correct any errors on the previous page.

Supposedly I'm using the correct settings for the mysql database for my domain host - the database exists, user name/password are correct, the support department assures me that the host string is correct, and that the database connection is working fine. In fact, this is the exact message I got:

//I was able to connect to the database successfully. The database functionality is fine. Hence, I suggest you to contact the application vendor to resolve the issue further.//

I honestly don't beleive this is a problem with Wikka or my configuaration of it - I've looked through my htaccess and wikka config files on my other domain to check, double check and re-check all my setting there. But I have to jump through the hoops here, in order to get anything done with these guys. I've been through the Wikka installer pages/installation troubleshooting pages here, and nothing seems applicable.

Any ideas?

~& In your ##setup/install.php## file, search for "Testing Configuration". There are two PHP calls prepended with an @ symbol (##@mysql_connect## and ##@mysql_select_db##). Remove the @ symbol (this suppresses the generation of error messages) and then re-run the installer. Use caution if you're running on a public server, as this might expose some error messages you'd rather not have others see. I always lock down my public servers using a "deny all" rule in the .htaccess file when I'm upgrading. At any rate, let us know what you see. --BrianKoontz


**4 May 08**
Two things:
1. Before I try and write one, I'm looking for an action. I need a simple action I can add to pages to tag them for clean up. Ssomething that puts up a little box on any page it's added to saying //This page needs to be cleaned up// and gives me a page similar to the WantedPages output, showing me all the pages tagged.
~~& Add this to the page you want tagged: %%<<CategoryCleanUp //This page needs to be cleaned up//<<%% and make a page named ""CategoryCleanUp"". On the page ""CategoryCleanUp"" add the following code: %%{{category col="3"}}%% That it!
~~~& Doh! I never thought about using a Category for it. Thanks!
2. Speaking of Wanted pages, are there any known issues with it in On the installation here, it looks like I would expect:

DomBonj (7)
FireFox (6)
WazoO (6)
SansSerif (6)
etc, etc

But on my installation, it looks like this:

Andega (264)

It shows a single page - in this case, there is only one other page calling for that non-existant page, while there probably are 200-some references to about 70-80 pages I need to create.

I have four installations of Wikka installed. Two are, one is and one is (I started updating, and ran into this problem and stopped). Three of them are doing it, only the installation isn't, but that may be because there are no wanted pages right now.

Since it's doing it across several versions, and they worked before, I'm going to assume that the problem is related to my webhost. Here's a bit of info from them:

PHP Version: 4.4.7
MySQL Version: 5.0.45-log

I don't know when the problem first began, I only noticed it when I installed on one subdomain, and finished upgrading another one. I'm not sure what the problem might be - I've done a bunch of searches here and in the tracker, and found no mention of an issue like this before.
~&Ok, I've been looking around some more, and I found what I think are previous reports of the same issue I'm having. I've found references to ticket #s 309, 346 and 410. However, I either can't find this tickets in the tracker, or can make no sense of what they are trying to tell me. Please help.
~~& Chris, [[ #309]] appears to be the fix you need for MySQL 5. However, this has only been ported to trunk at the moment (which means you won't see it in Let me see what's involved with getting this into, and then you could simply upgrade your instance to this bug release. Alternatively, you can apply the fix manually, and I can walk you through this if you contact me off-line. --BrianKoontz
~~~& Brian, thanks. It's not a huge issue, now that I know what it is. I can hold off for awhle at this point, but I may come back for manual instructions if takes too long. Thanks again.
~~~~& @Brian - installed today, that fixed this issue. Thank you!

**14 Apr 08**
Looking for a little help. I tried some searches to find a more appropriate place to put this, but didnt' find anything that seemed 'right', so posting it on my page. I just upgraded one of my installs from to Everything is working fine (love some of the new features), however, I'm having a little difficulty getting the [[ User Registration Module]] working. Anytime I add the lines listed in the docs to my config file, wikka apparently "loses" my config file, and launches into the installer script. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Either I'm making some sort of real basic editing mistake, or I'm not clear on what the docs page is trying to tell me.
~&You just have added the second line? Made no error with ' (happens to be a misake I sometimes make)? Can you post your config here (without the mysl-data of course)? --Nils
~~&I haven't had a chance to get back to this. I decided to wait until I got a bunch of info I wanted in, and cleaned up before I opened it to any users anyway. If I have problems then, I'll be back. Thanks

**23 Jan 08**
Ok, I'm running into a problem that I'm pretty sure Wikka is causing, and I'm pretty sure can be solved by reconfiguring some things, probably my htaccess files.

For some time now, I've had three subdomains within my domain that have had copies of Wikka running. I also had four other subdomains there as well - one running Gallery, and the other three just your run of the mill html webpages. Last night I installed Wikka in my root directory, so that it could handle the main domain. Now, the three subdomains that have their own Wikka installations running work fine, as does the sub-domain that has Gallery, however, the three that are straight html files do not. Any ideas?

~& Copy the .htaccess from the images directory ( and tell us if that helps. --NilsLindenberg
~~& I didn't get a chance to look at this again until today, and I'm not sure what you mean. I found the three lines of code you linked to, but I don't know where they should go in my htaccess file. I also learned something else. My sub-domain running Gallery is not working fine either, all the photos that were there before are accessable, no new photos are. Attempts to access my sub-domains give a 404 error.
~~~& I'm certainly not an .htaccess expert, but won't processing stop at the first [L] rule? I'm curious how you determined this is a problem caused by Wikka... --BrianKoontz
~~~~& I know nothing about .htaccess files, other than cut/pasting some code in to create my subdomains in the first place. The excerpts from my .htaccess file aren't necessarily in order - I just cut and pasted the portions that looked like they were for one of my sub-domains and the Wikka installation. The reason I know Wikka caused the problem is that all of my subdomains were accessible BEFORE I installed Wikka into the root directory, and not afterwards - immediately afterwards. Prior to installing Wikka, all my root directory, main homepage had in it was an index.html file that simply pointed to the other subdomains. Here's the order I did everything - 1. take a quick check on a random sampling of pages on the various subdomains to ensure that there were no problems I needed to fix before I began. 2. Used my hosts automated tools to create backups of all the subdirectories, and then mySQL databases. 3. Install Wikka, run through it's install routines. 4. Edit the Wikka config file to customize the top/bottom menus to my preferences. 5. Edit the Wikka HomePage to restore my "old" links to the various subdomain sites. 6. Discover that some of those links were no longer working.
~~~~&Over the years, my webhost had provided two different methods to create sub-domains. I think that's the reason that some are working, and some aren't. I don't beleive this is actually Wikka's fault (at least not as far as a bug or glitch with the program), only that it's a result of the changes Wikka made to the htaccess files, and I don't have enough knowledge of them to undo those changes AND keep Wikka working. I'm coming here for help first not because I truly beleive that it's Wikka's fault, only because I don't know where to go to help, and knowing my webhost, they'll send me here for help first anyway since I know for sure that it was caused during the Wikka installation.
~~~~~& Is this site live/publicly accessible? Also, I'd be glad to take a look at your .htaccess file if you'd like to e-mail it to me (brian at My first instinct would be to comment out *all* Wikka-related lines in your .htaccess file, disable mod_rewrite in wikka.config.php, and then see if everything works. --BrianKoontz
~~~~~~& Ok, I finally, with my web-hosts help, finally fixed this. I was partially right, but it was also partly the fault of the webhost, and the changes they made to their subdomain allocation. According to the tech I spoke to, my subdomains shouldn't have been working at all prior to installing Wikka, as they aren't supposed to be defined in the htaccess file I was defining them in. So whatever changes installing Wikka caused, it highlighted those "errors" I had. <shrug>. Whatever, it's beyond me, but it's working now.
~~~~~~~& Glad to hear you've resolved the problems! --BrianKoontz

**31 Jul 07**

Well, I've been quite happy with Wikka Wiki. I've now got it running smoothly for three different wikis, and am planning a fourth one. Anyway, that's not why I'm here today.

I'm getting completely fed up with my current webhost, Powweb. I would have left them a while ago, but I'm afraid of not being able to port my Wikka Wiki installations over to a new provider. So can anyone recommend a decent provider and/or give me advice about porting my installations?

~& Chris, I've used [[ Suso]] for a couple of years now, and have never had a problem. Shell access, all-Linux shop, everything you need to run most if not all PHP apps. Tech support consists of the owners of the company, not some outsourced help desk speaking in foreign tongue.


**08 Dec 06**


Things have been going smooth on my Wikka Wiki installation, and I even set up a second one. Just a couple days ago, I set up my third installation of Wikka. On my previous two installations I changed the wording in the Header where it says "HomePage :: Categories :: Index :: Changes :: Comments :: Admin :: Help :: Preferences/Logout :: You are ChrisH" from the default to wording I preferred. I'd like to do the same with this recent install, but I can't remember or figure out which file I modified in the first place.

BTW, my installs are & where I've made the change (no, I haven't updated them) and the recent install is

Any help appreciated.

~& Chris, you can configure header strings in wikka.config.php. --BrianKoontz

~~& Thanks Brian - I knew it was easy, I just couldn't remember where.

**18 Jan 06**
Spent a bit more time investigating why I got the error below. After I figured out the quotes, I wanted to know if or how I could prevent it from happening again, as I'd like to write a word macro that converts Word tables to the Wikka.

Anyway, the problem was caused by Word's Smart Quotes function, which automatically takes quote that look like this || ||, and converts them to quotes that work like this ""\\ //"", which, of course, screws up php and the html.

I found a web page that details how to turn off the Smart Quotes function, which can be found here:
[[ Turn off MS Word Smart Quotes]]

**16 Jan 06**


This isn't making any sense. I'm trying to do a table, using the following:

""{{table columns=”7” cellpadding="1" cells=”Sun;Mon;Tue;Wed;Thu;Fri;Sat;1;2;3;4;5;6;7;8;9;10;11;12;13;14;15;16;17;18;19;20;21;22;23;24;25;26;27;28”}}""

Only this is what keeps coming up:
**Warning:** Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in **/home/jsnx/public_html/wikka/actions/table.php** on **line 30**

Why? Is it too long? I've done done larger tables of 5 columns and 10 rows without any issues, why is this one causing me headaches?
~& Well, I've hit upon why it appears to not be working, but I can't figure out how it can be. The string I'm having problems with was created like this: I took an Excel spreadsheet I had, and saved it as a CSV file. I then loaded that into Word, and use find and replace to change all the commas into semicolons. I then added all the table action parameters, then saved as a text file. I opened the text file in Notepad, then cut and pasted it into Wikka.
~& I tried typing the same exact string straight into Wikka, and it worked. So it appears that word or Excel added something that =looks= right, but isn't. I can't figure out what. I would have thought saving as a text file, then cut and pasting would have stripped any of that out. I also tried opening the text file into J-Edit (the text editor I'm using to write my PHP code), and cut and pasting from there, but still no dice. Can anyone figure out what the heck is in the string that is causing me grief? - ChrisH
~~& **Doh!** I'm leaving this here as a lesson to everyone else. **Don't use Word as a Text Editor** I finally figured out what the problem is - it's the quotes. Note the very subtle difference between the quotes around the cellpadding value, and the columns and text values. I never would have found that if I didn't have J-Edit. - ChrisH

**22 Dec 05**
CyneBeald - thanks for the feedback. I reset the write ACL to registered users, I didn't think about anyone wanting to comment on the code in the page when I restricted it.

Thanks for the tip on the quotes. I wish I would have known that last night - I struggled for 45 minutes or so trying to get it right - I kept getting some sort of "unexpected string error" or no output at all. But the important part is it was a learning experience.

The reason I hardcoded the URL is because I wanted a "slim" action - one that is easy to use. As it is written now, a user can place a preset image file on every page, by only having to remember one command - ""{{logo}}"" I named it logo, because I figured that would be the most likely use of it - to place a company or product logo somewhere. I didn't see a point in trying to parse a URL, because that would duplicate the Image action to some extent.

That was the first iteration. I do want to learn to handle parameters, so the next (and probably final) iteration will have two parameters - size and class - so that the same image can be somewhat resized, and placed to the left, right or center. So that when all is said and done, a Wikki user will be able to place a logo on their page by remembering ""{{logo}}"" and whether it is small, medium or large, and placed to the left, right or center. So the final action would look something like this:

""{{logo small center}}""

~& Well, I was thinking of something more like this, for starters:
~& %%(php)
$output='<img alt="'.$alt.'" url="'.$logourl.'"/>';
~& That way, you can more easily customize it later, once you want to split it into ""{pepsilogo}"" and ""{{cokelogo}}"" (and you have to learn how to combine variables with strings in PHP, but you probably figured that out by now, and are happily processing parameters). --CyneBeald
~~& Oh, ok. I get it now. So when someone goes to modify it, they don't have to find the url in the output code, but can simply change it in the variable. You're right, that would definitely make it easier to modify later. Thanks!

My thinking behind this is that the Wikka administrator can preload a logo, and, if desired, manipulate the settings in the logo.php file for the desired sizes. If desired, they could then "clone" the php file for different logos - IE, a wikka that compared Coke and Pepsi to each other could have two logo actions - ""{{cokelogo}}"" and ""{{pepsilogo}}"", and that is all the end user would have to remember to use them, rather than having to remember all the parameters in the ImageAction, and the file name as well.

That's the use I'll be putting it to, although not for coke and pepsi, but the different game systems I play.

**21 Dec 05**
**Hurray!** I wrote my first "real" action and php program tonight. Ok, it's actually my second, but since my first one was nothing more than figuring out the simple "Hello World" example php program and using it as an action, I don't think that counts. Now this one isn't much more sophisticated,a nd in fact, I think it can actually be simplified even further, but I may expand on it later. Besides, that's not my intention - my intention is to learn some php, and how to use it for actions in Wikka.

So, anyway, here's the code:

Logo action:
This action can be used to place a preloaded image on any wikka page. In order for it to work, you must have an image named "logo.gif" in the images folder. Usage is ""{{logo}}"".

"logo" action
there are no parameters for this action
created by Chris Heismann, December 2005, for use with Wikka Wiki, ver
released under the GPL
WARNING: This action was created as a programming exercise by a beginning programmer. Use at your own risk
$output = "<img alt=\"logo\" src=\"images/logo.gif\" />";
Place this code in your actions folder as a file named logo.php.

//Feedback on this would be much appreciated!//

**20 Dec 05**
So I went and picked up a book on php. Wow. I had been looking at it as if it were some sort of alien language. But its actually not that bad - different syntax than BASIC, and probably far more flexible and extendable, but I got enough of a grasp that I think I write few things in it.

I wrote my first action, a little snippet that just prints a greeting on the page. Next up is a Logo action - one that will take a predetermined image file and display it. Yeah, I know I can do that with the image action, but this is a programming exercise.

When I've got it done, I'll post it here for review.

**15 Dec 05**
I've just recently began to use Wikka as a central website for my Dungeons & Dragons campaign. This was my second attempt at trying to install a Wiki - the first one was well over a year ago, and I got majorly frustrated trying to figure out everything that I needed to do on my web hosts computers, and related to the wiki itself.

But recently, my web host began providing Instant Installers for a variety open source tools like shopping carts, wikis etc. They offered four different Wiki's and I chose Wikka because of the four it seemed to have the best blend of power combined with ease of use.

I've got my Wiki up and running, and even some decent content. If you want to look, it's here: [[ Yrazul Wiki]]. I have some issues that are more mine than Wikka's - that is, I know enough about programming and style sheets to be dangerous - very dangerous. I know how to modify the php and css files, but I have no clue as to what I'm modifying.

I hope to change that - I've done some lite programming before - I used to program quite a bit in Amiga Basic (ah, those were the days), but since that computer went away, my programming has been limited to Excel and a proprietary menu driven language specific to my company's car wash controllers. If it's not too hard to learn, I'm hoping to learn a bit of php - at least enough to write an action or two for my wiki. Unless there are some other D&D players out there who happen to know php and use Wikka who want to write them for me?

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