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Cloning an existing WikiPage

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I like to re-use and hate to redesign the wheel... Surely I'm not alone ;-)

Two solutions

Either an action CloneAction or this CloneHandler.
When the action was first published, DarTar explained that a handler would make more sense. It certainly is the right way to do so here is the handler.


This relies of the ExistsPage function developed by JavaWoman and part of release You can find this version at WikkaDevelopment.

The code

Copy the code into a handler named: clone.php - place it in the handlers/page folder.
Thanks to DarTar, the original code has been improved: please get the correct code below.

How to use it?

Once you have (re)designed a page that fits to be replicated many times (Task Lists, User Pages, Bug Description, Developement Description...) you just have to type in /clone at the end of its URL.
Then you must fill the name of the new WikiPage to be created, you may want to add a note, finally you decide if you just want to create the page or if you want to jump and edit it as soon as it has been copied.

To Do

My code needs probably to be reviewed by expert coder as I am not at all a developper.
Any ideas around this handler more than welcome. Here are a few ideas I have to improve this handler:

All discussions on this page still are at WikiTemplate. We definitely need a PageNameChange handler ;-)
See MovePages - not implemented, it has its problems; but the wish/requirement isn't new ;-) --JavaWoman

Improved CloneHandler

Christian, your code had a number of bugs that I've fixed in a new version of the handler posted below.
I think this is an issue that should be addressed in general, not only in this case. We should try to produce an accessible code also for users whose browser does not support javascript. A central error handler, displaying alert messages (both local, as those produced by handlers and actions, and global, as those produced by the database or the engine itself), would be a major improvement of WikkaWiki.

I've uploaded this handler to the server so please test it and give your feedback here.
-- DarTar

<div class="page">
 * Clone the current page and save a copy of it as a new page.
 * Usage: append /clone to the URL of the page you want to clone
 * This handler checks the existence of the source page, the validity of the
 * name of the target page to be created, the user's read-access to the source
 * page and write-access to the target page.
 * If the edit option is selected, the user is redirected to the target page for
 * edition immediately after its creation.
 * @package         Handlers
 * @subpackage        
 * @name              clone
 * @author            {@link Christian Barthelemy} - original idea and code.
 * @author            {@link Dario Taraborelli} - bugs fixed, code improved, removed popup alerts.  
 * @version           0.4
 * @since             Wikka 1.1.6.X
 * @input             string  $to  required: the page to be created
 *                            must be a non existing page and current user must be authorized to create it
 *                            default is source page name              
 * @input             string  $note  optional: the note to be added to the page when created
 *                            default is "Cloned from " followed by the name of the source page
 * @input             boolean $editoption optional: if true, the new page will be opened for edition on creation
 *                            default is false (to allow multiple cloning of the same source)
 * @todo              Use central library for valid pagenames.

// set defaults
$from = $this->tag;
$to = $this->tag;
$note = 'Cloned from '.$from; #i18n
$editoption = '';
$box = 'Please fill in a valid target ""PageName"" and an (optional) edit note.'; #i18n

// print header
echo $this->Format('==== Clone current page ====');

// 1. check source page existence
if (!$this->ExistsPage($from))
    // source page does not exist!
    $box = ' Sorry, page '.$from.' does not exist.'; #i18n
} else
    // 2. page exists - now check user's read-access to the source page
    if (!$this->HasAccess('read', $from))
        // user can't read source page!
        $box = ' //You aren not allowed to read the source of this page.//'; #i18n
    } else
        // page exists and user has read-access to the source - proceed
        if ($_POST)
            // get parameters
            $to = ($_POST['to'])? $_POST['to'] : $to;
            $note = ($_POST['note'])? $_POST['note'] : $note;
            $editoption = (isset($_POST['editoption']))? 'checked="checked"' : '';
            // 3. check target pagename validity
            if (!preg_match("/^[A-ZÄÖÜ]+[a-zßäöü]+[A-Z0-9ÄÖÜ][A-Za-z0-9ÄÖÜßäöü]*$/s", $to))
                // invalid pagename!
                $box = '""<div class="error">You must specify a valid PageName</div>""'; #i18n
            } else
                // 4. target page name is valid - now check user's write-access
                if (!$this->HasAccess('write', $to))  
                    $box = '""<div class="error">Sorry! You don\'t have write-access to '.$to.'</div>""'; #i18n
                } else
                    // 5. check target page existence
                    if ($this->ExistsPage($to))
                        // page already exists!
                            $box = '""<div class="error">Sorry! The destination page already exists</div>""'; #i18n
                    } else
                        // 6. Valid request - proceed to page cloning
                        $thepage=$this->LoadPage($from); # load the source page
                        if ($thepage) $pagecontent = $thepage['body']; # get its content
                        $this->SavePage($to, $pagecontent, $note); #create target page
                        if ($editoption == 'checked="checked"')
                            // quick edit
                        } else
                            // show confirmation message
                            $box = '""'.$this->MiniHref('',$to).'"" was succesfully created!'; #i18n
        // build form
        $form = $this->FormOpen('clone');
        $form .= '<table class="clone">'.
            '<td><strong>Clone '.$this->Link($this->GetPageTag()).' to:</strong></td>'.
            '<td><input type="text" name="to" value="'.$to.'" size="37" /></td>'.
            '<td><strong>Edit note:</strong></td>'.
            '<td><input type="text" name="note" value="'.$note.'" size="37" /></td>'.
            '<input type="checkbox" name="editoption" '.$editoption.' /> Edit after creation '.
            '<input type="submit" name="create" value="Clone" />'.
        $form .= $this->FormClose();

// display messages
if (isset($box)) echo $this->Format(' --- '.$box.' --- --- ');
// print form
if (isset($form)) print $form;

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