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====Community Notes====
A page for notes & new that doesn't fit into any other topic page that the wikka community might be interested in.....
- if anybody wants to "play", I've put up a flat-file Japanese wiki that you can take a look at [[ | here]] for a few days. I've set it up because I want to see the embedded paint package they have & figure out how to adapt it to wikka (it uses BBSpaint.jar so I'm SURE it's adaptable), but I haven't been able to get that working on the site yet (I think I haven't created a directory to write into that it needs....but I haven't figured out where to create it or what to call it yet). Pukiwiki uses plugins instead of actions....I've put a few up at the sandbox. Feel free to try the paint plugin if you want (by entering #paint on a page), but it crashes my system....I think I've done something wrong in the setup (my Japanese is weak....not much better than the google translation engine....okay, okay, my Japanese is nonexistent....but what I said still holds). Have fun playing with's just one of numerous wiki's that are being developed in the asian market and which we don't really seem to run across in our community spheres. -- Mike (GmBowen)
- here's something kind of interesting....a single php [[ | script]] that generates a bunch of different types of graphs (line, bar, pie) using php. I'm going to play with it and see if I can turn it into an action that'll work in success so far as an include....but I'll keep trying.
- Costal is playing with embedding a blog action ( [[ | here]] and [[ | here]] )... which is kind of neat many ways not much different than a wiki, but "blogs" are hot, so the optic is that his wiki is more "current". This isn't much different than the [[ | {{threads}}]] action I've been playing with (you can't see the submit box unless you're registered & a designated user of it ), but I'm now wondering how easy it would be to link to our comments table since it's now separate from the pages one. If anyone is interested in playing with the threads action to blogify it (Hey, I created a new word) I can pass it on to you. -- Mike
- Hey....simple to install on-line drawing for wikka......check out .....the guy hasn't worked out licensing yet, but is okay with it being re-distributed with an opensource license of some sort (he doesn't know much about licensing so I suggested he leave a note for JW here). The save script is easily modifiable to save into a directory in uploads named after the page it is placed on. Cool eh??
- hmmm....conversion tools. There's a wiki converter tool called [[ | HTML:WikiConverter]] that somebody at wacko has written a [[ | wacko conversion]] file for.
- Here's a wikini fork that includes fckeditor as an French isn't good enough to tell if there is a download of it available, but they seem to be discussing the issues of using such an editor well. There's a number of pages at the site.
- Wikini has an interesting tool. It is a .dot template file for MSWord (version 97 up) that allows you to write a document using the word processor, and then convert it into wikini/wikka format. I've translated the text and provided the link [[ | here]].
- code so that wakka could have fixed menus @ top & bottom of page.
~&What does this do that we don't already have? The top- and bottom- menus are configurable via the configuration file in Wikka. Am I missing something? (And we're working towards making menus more flexible, not more "fixed" ;-)) --JavaWoman
~~&I didn't describe it well. The code is so you can scroll the page with the top/bottom menus staying in place with only the content scrolling. -- GmBowen
~~~&Our "flexible menus" will make that possible, too. Every menu will be a block, and every block can be positioned with CSS wherever you like (including not-scrolling: just like our "Preview" overlay when previewing a page while editing). --JavaWoman
- at Wikini there's an interesting attempt to [[ | write an action]] (I think that it is French, & Google's French, is weak) that allows one to selectively remove edits by a particular IP/individual. Thought it might give us a different spin on how we could provide a tool to deal with spam (that will remove it selectively from the history features as well). Considering the discussions around stopping bots from indexing history pages, I thought this might be a useful thing to look at.

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