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Creating a new page

There are two ways to create a new page in Wikka:

  1. Creating a new page form an existing page.
The most common way to create a new page is to EditPageInfo edit an existing page, insert somewhere in the page a pointer to the new page you want to create (either by using a WikiName or a [[double bracket]] internal link) and save it. The link to the new page will be highlighted as a MissingPage missing page. Just clicking on this link will open an editable version of the new page.

  1. Creating a new page from the browser address field
To create a new page from your browser address field, just type the name of the page (usually a WikiWord) after the Wikka root URL. For instance, to create a new page on this server you just need to type in the browser address field
You should consider that creating a page in this way method leaves the page OrphanedPages orphaned until a link to it from an existing page is created. For this reason, the first method is preferred.

Page Creation Test

You can use the following field for testing how to create a new page.
Note: this is just meant as a shortcut for the second method described above.

Tips and guidelines:

Create a new page

MHM: Allow me to challenge the usefulness of the {{newpage}}-action. I strongly feel any page in a Wiki should always be embedded in the existing structure, so correct approach of creating a new page is to use the new PageName on an existing page and click the empty 'Create this page'-link from there. Allowing people to use {{newpage}} might lead to OrphanedPages, and IMO does not show new users the correct way of using Wikis. -- 5/30/04

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