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Comment by
2004-09-02 09:16:22
How does this page work. I would like to add it to my wiki.
If someone would be so kind as to tell me how I can do this I would be much obliged.

Comment by JsnX
2004-09-03 00:34:59
Are you running Wikka? Just create a page and add this:

Comment by
2004-09-03 07:03:15
Yes, I'm running Wikka.
I didn't think that the new page modification would be that simple, thanks.
It's early days yet and I'm still trying to get to grips with wikka. There are a lot of modifications that I would like to incorporate, but I'm not sure how to modify the code yet. How do you use includes for instance. Maybe a FAQ page would be helpful as a lot of the information is there but on many pages. I'm not criticising the site and I think wikka is great, I'm speaking as a newbie here.

I originally started with Wakka and was interested in what TomG on the wakka site was doing. He had modified the code to handle Admin Groups and lots more.
Since then, the wakka pages have disappeared, re-appeared and disappeared again.

Thanks again
Comment by
2004-12-03 08:52:37
Wikka cann't use chinese.
Comment by DarTar
2004-12-03 11:11:54
Not yet, but it's gonna support multiple language encodings in the future (have a look here: ) ;-)
Just stay tuned...
Comment by GmBowen
2004-12-03 12:12:22
geez, I don't know about it not being able to use chinese....when I googled recently I found a few sites using wikka that had both chinese/asian language menus and *pagenames*....idiotically I didn't bookmark any of 'em and I was just looking and couldn't find them again. grrrr. You could snoop around and see if you can find one of those and then contact the authors. Hope that helps.
Comment by GmBowen
2004-12-15 05:01:03
ooops....I was wrong. It was a wakka fork that was using asian script. Check out coocoowakka at
Comment by JavaWoman
2004-12-15 09:35:24
Mike, it's Chinese (using gb2312 charset, not UTF-8) - but it looks like they are using ASCII pagenames; I just see a few forced links which generate link descriptions in Chinese.

Note: gb2312 is "Simplified Chinese" - mostly used in mainland China and Singapore; "Traditional Chinese" has a corresponding charset GB5 and is mainly used HongKong and Taiwan. - see for instance "Distribution and use" on
Comment by GmBowen
2004-12-15 16:13:08
JW: ya....thanks. Us north americans are often quite unaware of non-north american issues and "simplified chinese" is a new one on me. interesting. I noticed when looking at this that we don't have a page listing wakka forks. citiwiki, comawiki, wikini, coocoowakka, uniwakka, wacko, etc.....should we have them listed anywhere?? Also, I note that whereas other forks (like comawiki) that use have their "comments" come up as well in the listing, we do not (undoubtedly because of the re-structuring of our database to remove comments from the pages table) this an issue that needs looking at?
Comment by LarryR
2006-08-17 15:37:51
I accidentally changed a page and want to change it back to what it was. I know the original page has not been overwritten because I can see it in the page history. How can I roll the change back without recreating the page?
Comment by DarTar
2006-08-18 03:57:47
See - this might be BTW a good candidate for our F.A.Q.
2007-09-16 06:38:36

I upgrade wikka to 1.6.3 and have a probelm with create page: the box of writing it is too much small).
You can see here:
Comment by NilsLindenberg
2007-09-16 08:58:24
Raffaele, please take a look at and see if that solves the problem, otherwise open a new ticket.
2007-09-16 17:45:28
Tahnk you NilsLindenberg,

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