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====Dane Westvik====
//(pen name): Dan West//

==Extensions I did==
~- [[DanWestCustomNav | Custom Navigation Links]] - Define custom menu per page.
~- [[DanWestIncludeFile | Include File action]] - Include RAW text into page.
~- [[DanWestCRT | CRT Code Display Formatter]] - CODE formatter to look like CRT output.
~- [[DanWestPgHeader | Custom Page Header]] - Better control over page title.
~- [[DanWestUserReg | User Registration]] - Let Admin register users.
~- [[DanWestWx | Weather Forecast]] - Include current forecast
~- [[DanWestLink | Wiki Link Action]] - Shows link ONLY if current user has read access
~- [[DanWestCalendar | Calendar "code" Formatter]] - Uses code formatting engine to create a calendar

~- 40 somthing software designer / developer.
~- Seen it all. //Paper tape and punch cards//
~- Also known as KO6YD in the amateur radio world.

==Why Wikka==
Well, why not. I was looking at some sort of content management system for our company web site. That way the different departments can contribute to the site without having hire someone or have me do it. (we are a small company). I really fell in love with the wiki concept and the Wikka design in how is works and the very well thought out design was a natural. The system is very easy to extend with actions and not too complex.

==What I have done==
The major overhaul is to make the Wikka engine as invisible as I could. Then I could use it to host our web site and disable the public access to the system so we could maintain it inhouse. I know this is not a new concept but it turned out to be a perfect CMS for us. I made some modifications to the header and footer to "wrap" the header, logo, navigation and main page in division classes so I could have better control over the look and feel with CSS.

The result ([[ |]]) is that the only indication is a very small login prompt on the bottom of our pages. Our inhouse publishers login to manage content. To manage images and product PDF files, I setup various ""ImageLib"" pages with the ""{{files}}"" action. Then, users will upload PDF files, images, driver updates, etc to these pages. Then I setup Interwiki links so the can just enter ""[[PDF:brochure.pdf | Title]]"" links and it all works. //Very nicely done Wikka...//

==My extensions and hacks==
I'm new to this code so you may find someone has already done it //better// or it's not done the cleanest way. I did try to keep them simple (//i.e.: The least amount of core code changes//).
I put them on my page since I am sure they currently dont follow the coding guidelines for submitting an official extensions.

Some of these extensions are designed for my "Closed" wiki sites (Internal Users Only). So, they may be dangerous for public wiki sites.


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