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Working on setting up a possible robotics wiki for ""TerranRobotics"". Spambots and willy-nilly user registration is a concern however; it would be nice to have some sort of signup system that used [[ | Captchas]] and sent an activation link to the supplied e-mail address, both to block bots and make banning of spammers easier. Phpbb supports this by default.

Aside from that, [[Docs:WikkaWiki | WikkaWiki's]] performance has been good. Installation was easy (as was reinstallation, after I downgraded from MySQL 5 to 4, having found that certain features of WikkaWiki, such as ACLs, do not work properly with MySQL 5, at least as of WikkaWiki version

""<span style="font-size: 8pt;">Note: despite the name, I am not a Deutsche-speaker, at least not at this time.""
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