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Wikka user since february 2006, I have chosen it for a single user website. I customized WikkaWiki with a combination of useful actions (the main menu uses only customized CSS, WikkaMenus, Image action and WikiBreadcrumb, and well, a small change for my multilanguage solution). I also included some other features : Google Maps, phpWeather, a light AJAX library, a customized gallery... Finally, I obtained a nearly hidden WikkaWiki website.

A next step with WikkaWiki may be a shared technical documentation on LAN. But first, I need to make an action for authors who need the authentification and record the approval of a defined list of readers.

Here is a contribution to Wikka Wiki :the HighlightSearch handler.
You can see the code here and this new handler in action here.

My web try :
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