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=====Enhanced Image Action Documentation=====
//Not Included in official Wikka version//

>>==See also:==
Development: EnhancedImageAction.>>This is the documentation page for the enhanced image action.::c::

===Why a modification to the image action?===
The aim of this enhancement to the official image action is to:
- support HEIGTH and WIDTH parameters
- allow to create a link opening a new html page to display a full size image

Just use the action as usual (AddingImages) and add the optional parameters:
- WIDTH to define the width of the image to be displayed
- HEIGTH to define the heigth of the image to be displayed
- OPENFULL will create an anchor link to the image URL that will open a new html page to display the full size image when clicking on the picture
All 3 new parameters are optionals - OPENFULL is considered as TRUE when different from nothing.

""{{image class="center" alt="blabla" title="blabla" width="25" heigth="12" openfull="whatever"}}""

& getimagesize() is nice, but should not be called each time page is rendered. It should be checked only when submitting the page. It must also be configurable, to avoid errormessage for people who use Wikka within an intranet (Generally, an intranet server is not connected to the external world, but client browsers are). -- DotMG.

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