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=====Display Freemind mindmaps with a Flash plug-in=====

This code display Freemind mindmaps with a **flash plug-in** (it can replace the Java plug-in). This code is **based on the [[ | DokuWiki plug-in]]**. ''It would be great if someone could improve it.''

====How-to install this beta action ?====
- You need to **download [[ | the package]] with the Flash viewer**, and you can see the discussion about it on [[ | Sourceforge]].
- Create a new action, ##flashmindmap.php## for example.
- You need to replace ##".$path2file."## with your own value.
- Upload the file and the content of the zip package on your website.
- Use the syntax ""{{flashmindmap http://path/of/my/}}""

====Source code====

$mindmap_url = $vars['url'];
if ((!$mindmap_url && !$height) && $wikka_vars) $mindmap_url = $wikka_vars;
$mindmap_url = $this->cleanUrl(trim($mindmap_url));
$height = $this->htmlspecialchars_ent(trim($vars['height']));

if ($mindmap_url) {

$output =
"<script type=\"text/javascript\" src=\"".$path2file."flashobject.js\"></script>".
"<div id=\"flashcontent\">".
" Flash plugin or Javascript are turned off.".
" Activate both and reload to view the mindmap".
"<script type=\"text/javascript\">".
" var fo = new FlashObject(\"".$path2file."visorFreemind.swf\", \"".$path2file."visorFreeMind\", \"100%\", \"100%\", 6, \"#9999ff\");".
" fo.addParam(\"quality\", \"high\");".
" fo.addParam(\"bgcolor\", \"#ffffff\");".
" fo.addVariable(\"openUrl\", \"_blank\");".
" fo.addVariable(\"initLoadFile\", \"".$mindmap_url."\");".
" fo.addVariable(\"startCollapsedToLevel\",\"3\");".
" fo.addVariable(\"mainNodeShape\",\"rectangle\");".
" fo.write(\"flashcontent\");".
"<span class=\"floatr\"><a href=\"$mindmap_url\">Download this mind map</a> :: Use <a href=\"\">Freemind</a> to edit it.</span><div style=\"clear:both;\"></div>\n";




- This code works on Internet Explorer 6.0, Firefox (but there is a bug and it is not well displayed).

====Future improvments====
- ...

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