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Wikka: A flexible engine for adaptive applications


WikkaWiki is a light and flexible WikiEngine that can be easily extended or adapted to many different uses. By setting the appropriate ACLInfo access privileges and installing the appropriate ActionInfo modules, you can turn WikkaWiki into different applications, tailored to your needs.

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Wikka as a public wiki

The traditional idea behind the concept of a WikiEngine wiki is to create a digital blackboard on which any user, either registered or anonymous, can write modifications and add comments.
Typical ACL settings: r: * / w: * / c: *
Relevant Actions: RecentChanges, RecentlyCommented, MyPages, HighScores,

Wikka as a discussion forum

You might want to install a Wikka distribution to create a place where registered users can hold discussions on different topics, by creating distinct pages for distinct topics (much as a traditional threads) and using WikiCategory categories to group topics. Compared to traditional forums, wikis have the advantage of allowing continuous page modifications, hence enabling users to split-up, modify, delete, reorder and redistribute discussions.
Typical ACL settings: r: * / w: + / c: *
Relevant Actions: RecentChanges, RecentlyCommented, HighScores,

Wikka as a blog

A blog typically consists of content posted by the blog owner that can be freely commented by external users.
WikkaWiki can be easily set to work as a private blog system in which only the wikka owner is able to write.
Typical ACL settings: r: * / w: !* / c: *
Relevant Actions: RecentlyCommented,

Wikka as an intranet CMS

WikkaWiki can be used by teams, organizations and institutions as an internal tool for collaborative work.
Collaborative writing of projects, storage of user information, sharing of documents and files is possible trough Wikka's secure and user-friendly interface.
Typical ACL settings: r: + / w: + / c: + or r: !* / w: !* / c: !*
Relevant Actions: FileUpload,

Wikka as a personal organizer and memory support

Wikka can be used by a single user to keep track of events, quotations, to manage a todo-list, or to easily collect weblinks.
Typical ACL settings: r: !* / w: !* / c: !*
Relevant Actions: FreeMind,

Wikka as a photo album

There are currently various actions available to have wikka act as an image gallery. One of them displays thumbnails of images in a single directory...and the user must provide pre-generated thumbnails. This action (available here) could be easily modified so that the user could have different versions of the action for different directories (this is probably a fine approach for a single user). The other modified gallery action is a further development of the first one. It provides access to a gallery/directory for each user name and generates thumbnails using GD (which for new folk is on the server). The directories would have to be made on the server and files uploaded to them manually (It's currently being used in an environment where there's scripting to do that automatically for each user...and most of the images are generated on-line), however it could be easily modified to show images in a directory named after each page it is on rather than for a different user (the ability to upload images is a different story). Go to GmBowen's page for a further description of the action that's been developed, which is available here.
Relevant Actions:

feel free to add your ideas and personal wikka adaptations

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