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>>//see also:// [[TRBCounter | TRBCounter]]>>====Page Counter Action====

- Below are the changes needed to create an action that allows the number of hits on a page to be roughly counted (it doesn't increment if it's your own page, only for the pages of others).
- If you want it to keep a count, but without showing the number (so people don't have the urge to "up" the number on you), you can set the parameter show=''"off"'' or show=''"no"''.
- It works pretty well overall. Of course, it doesn't "count" if the action isn't on the page, but I thought for "help" pages etc that aren't open for editing it might be pretty useful. Usually we put lots of work into different things in a wiki, I thought it'd be interesting to be able to gauge the use of the different parts. Hope you find it useful. -- Mike (aka GmBowen)
- ''the only thing I can think might be useful to add, is if you could add the parameter ignore="//name1, name2, name3//"...but I had no idea how to parse a list like that and include a comparison of to the current user for exclusion''
- ''it also might be useful to have it so that an owner could set show=off or show=no but show up if it is the pageowner looking...I'll have to think through the coding on that though''

the **_pages table** has to have the following field added....

%%`hits` int(50) NOT NULL default '0'%%

and the **counter.php** code (save as a file in the action directory)....

// Get hit count
$result2 = mysql_query( "SELECT hits FROM ".$this->config["table_prefix"]."pages WHERE tag='$thispage' AND latest='Y'" );
$row2 = mysql_fetch_array($result2);
$hit_count1 = $row2[hits];
// Count is incremented if not your own page
if ($this->GetUserName() != $this->GetPageOwner($tag))
// End Get hit Count Start adding hits
$hit_count2 = $hit_count1 + 1;
// End adding hits Start Update Hit
$sql = "UPDATE `".$this->config["table_prefix"]."pages` SET `hits` = '$hit_count2' WHERE tag='$thispage' AND latest='Y'";
// $sql .= " WHERE `ref` = $ref";
mysql_query($sql) or die("Unable to process query: " . mysql_error());
// End Update Hit

// parameter show="off" or "no" being checked for
$show = strtolower($show);
if ($show != 'off' && $show !='no')
// Start output of counter
$result4 = mysql_query("SELECT hits FROM ".$this->config["table_prefix"]."pages WHERE tag='$thispage' AND latest='Y'");
$row4 = mysql_fetch_array($result4);
$hit_count3 = $row4['hits'];
echo '<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">';
echo '<tr><td><font face="verdana" size="2"><b>Total Hits:</b></font></td><td><font face="verdana" size="2"> ';
print "$hit_count3";
echo '</font></td></tr></table>';
// End Output of counter

===Preventing the reset of the counter===
If you only use the above code the counter will re-set to zero every time you edit a page (well, 2 actually...I said it was a "rough" count didn't I??). If you don't want that to happen you have to do the following changes as well....

In the **handlers/edit.php** file I changed the line (''around line 35'').....

%%(php)$this->SavePage($this->tag, $body, $note);%%


%%(php)$this->SavePage($this->tag, $body, $note, $this->page['hits']);%%

AND I learned (through seemingly bizarre but now understandable errors cropping up) that the order of the
variables is important relative to the ""SavePage()"" function (see below....which is why $pagehits doesn't follow
the $comment_on variable in the list of variables in the function but precedes it)

In the **WAKKA.PHP** file in the wiki root:
''Around line 235'', in the ""SavePage()"" function, the line has to be changed to

%%function SavePage($tag, $body, $note, $pagehits, $comment_on = "")%%

note that $pagehits has to PRECEDE the $comment_on variable

''a few lines down'', the following line has to be added....

%%"hits = '".mysql_escape_string($pagehits)."', ".%%

I added it ''after the line''....

%%"user = '".mysql_escape_string($user)."', ".%%

And that's it should work pretty well.

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