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Wikka Handlers

What is a Handler

Wikka handlers provide functionality that generally acts on an entire page or affects the wiki as a whole in some way. You could say that handlers "handle" something for the user, such as PageDeletionInfo deleting a page, modifying ACLInfo Access Control Lists (ACLs), or PageHistoryInfo showing page history.

Using handlers vs. using actions

ActionInfo Wikka actions affect a part of a wikka page, they are meant to generate content within the page. Actions are usually UsingActions inserted into a page along with all of the other markup. When the page is viewed/rendered, the action is "executed" and its output is displayed.

Wikka handlers, on the other hand, are not inserted in the page body, but are invoked when you submit a form or click on a menu link like "Page History". They can be manually invoked by appending to the URL of a page the name of the handler preceded by a slash. For example, to switch from the formatted view to the edit view of this page, just append to the URL displayed in your browser address field /edit.

List of available handlers (as of version

page handlers

    1. You are the page owner and you are logged in.
    1. You are logged in as the admin user for the Wikka Wiki. The link doesn't appear if the page is owned by "nobody". Click the "Take ownership" link at the bottom of the screen to take ownership of the page before trying to modify the Access Control List.

XML handlers

FreeMind handlers

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