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===== Handling Wikka Referrers=====

>>See also: AdvancedReferrersHandler>>There is much room to improve the current [[Docs:ReferrersInfo | referrer handling scripts]]. Here's a couple of ideas, some more urgent, other merely optional. Comments are welcome.

~Wikis are in general prone to attacks by spambots that use massive linking to increase a domain's visibility in SERPs. It would be useful if we had the possibility to respond to such attacks by //mass-blacklisting// spamming sites. Possible solutions include the use of //wildcards// for matching particular URL patterns or //selection boxes// to select multiple domains to be blacklisted.
~-**Masking search engine**
~Most of the visits to Wikis with rich content come from search engines. Several log analyzer allow the user to mask/unmask search engines from the referrer list.
~-**Grouping referrers**
~Currently, Wikka allows grouping referrers by //domain name//. An interesting feature of advanced log analyzers (like the GPL-licensed [[ | webalizer]]) is that they allow referrers to be //grouped// on the basis of more complex URL patterns. Grouping allows to display, say, all the referrers from google.* on a single line. The user should be given the possibility to toggle referrers-grouping on/off. Beside search engines, referrers-grouping might also be interesting for extracting //wikis// from the list of referrers (often, the presence of camelcase patterns in the URL is a good indicator of the referrer as a Wiki). And - why not - to extract Wikka sites referring to this server :)
~-**Extracting search engine keywords**
~Advanced log analyzers allow the extraction of keywords from referrers. This allows smart statistics to be built on the keywords or keyword-groups that maximize a site's visibility. But this probably leads us too far from the needs of a Wiki referrer analyzer...

-- DarTar

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