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Dartar's page

Some hot selections
Among my Wikka contributions:
  • IncludeRemote - a plugin for fetching wikka-formatted content from a remote Wikka server
  • MySkin - a beta skin selector and editor
  • WikkaMenus - a module for customizing wikka menus
    • dartar.css
    • dartar2.css
    • dariotaraborelli.css
    • minigray.css
    • pink.css
    • smooth.css
    • void.css
    • whitew.css
This is DarTar

My homepage

Where it all began
I bumped into WikkaWiki as a very easy-to-install WikiEngine wiki engine while I was reviewing a number of open source CMS for a project. I needed easy extensibility, a good CSS support, and something MySQL/PHP based. I made some hacks to the code, became more and more involved and... finally became part of the CreditsPage Wikka development crew.

Why Wikka instead of other wikis?
I believe the main appeal of Wikka to many of its users lies in its LightweightInfo lightweightness and its easy hackability. Installing a wiki on an existing website is often painfully hard for the unexperienced user. Making it look and feel as the site itself is sometimes even harder. People willing to:
  1. WikkaIntegration integrate seamlessly a wiki engine into their site (without having to dig into dozens of lines of code);
  1. have their site run by an InvisibleWiki invisible wiki engine;
might have good reasons to choose Wikka.

Why lightweightness matters ?
Lightweightness does not mean lack of WikkaFeatures features.
Lightweightness is what spares you from discovering something like this (quoting from Special:Statistics, after a fresh installation of MediaWiki on my machine and some very preliminary testing):

There are 734 total pages in the database. This includes "talk" pages, pages about Wikipedia, minimal "stub" pages, redirects, and others that probably don't qualify as content pages.
Excluding those, there are 3 pages that are probably legitimate content pages.


A touch of style
Wikka is structure. To shape its surface you can create and select TestSkin skins

Using wikka

I've created and maintain a site for promoting open formats based on Wikka 1.1.3, with a couple of hacks:

I'm also using a slightly modified version of Wikka 1.1.3 at My personal homepage runs on Wikka

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