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==== Help Wanted ====
//''This page is pretty ancient and badly out-of-date. It needs total refactoring, or some still-relevant pieces should be moved to other pages, and this one deleted. --JavaWoman''//

This is an open list of features that have been requested by users. [Not necessarily in order of priority]
For more feature proposals, see the CategoryDevelopment.


Posted on 28 Nov 2004:
- The docs included with Wikka are pretty lousy. Anyone care to update them?
~-''The remore include function now already takes care of a lot of documentation - I think all you need is a reference to that;''
~-''I'll take care of documentation of all the actions //in the code// so that both user documentation and developer documentation can be generated from that (with a new action) - see DescribeActions - I'll start with the "core" actions, a little parser to pull out the end user docs version and an action; **note:** developer documentation can then be generated from the same source with phpDocumentor;''
~-''eventually we could make phpDoumentor-generated documentation available on this site when more of Wikka is documented that way: the idea is that code should be //self-documenting// - external documentation has a way of "losing touch" with what it is describing (part of the problem we have now!)''
~-''actions are merely a good place to start (not to end :)); I'll also write some pages about how to include documentation in the phpDocumentor format. --JavaWoman''

- Spaces-to-Tab improvement needed: Any ideas on how to have tab conversion not apply to sections of code? In other words, sections of code should be left untouched. This has been requested by a couple people, and it makes sense to me. Any reasons not to make this change?
Here's the line that does the conversion. It's in \handlers\page\edit.php:
$body = preg_replace("/\n[ ]{4}/", "\n\t", $body);

- Ability to create "sections" to allow a "backlinks" style navigation bar.
An example of this could be:
Home > Countries > Europe
This would allow for pages to have a more defined structure relating them together. [SimonKnight]
- Syntax highlighting for Java codesnippets. [MarkHissinkMuller]
- Support for various table implementations. [MarkHissinkMuller]

===Assigned or In Progress ===

- where has the lovely "don't cache" checkbox in the editor gone. it's not bad to flag minor changes in some way like this. [DreckFehler]
- Yes. This was a lovely distraction for me for a few months that derailed the development of Wikka.... but it still has a fond place in my heart, and will be coming back at some point. ''Work in progress by JsnX''
- Table of contents for a particular page (in Wacko ""{{toc}}"") [MarkHissinkMuller]
- almost done. works fine with mindWiki, but needs migration work to pass it over to wikka. check it out at [[ | mindWiki: wikka toc]] ''assigned to DreckFehler''

===For Future Long-term Consideration ===

- Multilanguage, WikkaInternationalization, HandlingUTF8
- Ability to select which languages are loaded on initial setup of database. [MarkHissinkMuller]


- Ability to add users to "groups" which could then be used in simplifying ACLs and in providing an index page of members of that group. [SimonKnight] and [MarkHissinkMuller]
- this is already solved by a cute [[ | wakka-modification]]. seems to work fine. [[GroupManagement | almost done ;)]]. -- DreckFehler
- Page refactoring (ability to rename a page and have all links to that page updated with the new name; maybe dangerous). [MarkHissinkMuller]
- huh! there's a lot to do **without** link adjustment (which isn't done with a single sql-query). mindWiki has instead the ability to store a special redirector under the old pagename and this way it keeps the links working. but this feature should be handled with care! [[RedirectingPages | done]]- DreckFehler
- also an old feature: convert four spaces to tabs while saving because opera and firefox don't support tabs in html forms
- It's coincidental that you mention this, because I just made some tweaks in this area today. Converting four spaces to tabs has always been in Wikka--it just hasn't been advertised. It was located in the Edit Handler, but I've moved it to the wakka formatter. Let me know if you have any issues with this feature. -- JsnX
- yep! it works again (i must have catched the microsecond you needed to fix a bug). but i don't understand your intention. when i type in four spaces, then i //want them to be a tab// at this very moment. i am curious what will happen to my crippled tabs in future versions ;)
- OK. It's back to normal.
- Page watching, notification when a page has changed. [MarkHissinkMuller]
- this too is addressed in a wakka-mod (i don't remember who is responsible for it) but it's no big deal to do it from scratch. ''assigned to DreckFehler''

More details still to come....

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