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=====For those who like to give some colors to their world=====

It is a very good thing to have a light Wiki engine. In my company, we even use it through our [[WikkaWithMobileDevices | blackberry devices]].

Now, some users may like to have some more **{{color c="blue" text="colored "}} {{color c="red" text="menus "}} {{color c="purple" text="and "}} {{color c="green" text="pages"}} **.
So I think we could provide a few small size pictures with Wikka:
- Icons to be used in menus
- Smileys would be nice particularly if you can pick them from a dropdown menu in WikiEdit
- Flags could be provided through a WikiEdit dropdown menu as well

Moreover, many Wiki engines provides some [[ | dedicated formatters]]to translate smileys like :-) or flags like flag:US into their actual icon. I find that nice. Again, it would be even better not to have to remind all these codes and better have them through the WikiEdit menu.

There are plenty of free pictures over the web that could be used for this.
I particularly recommend the icons from [[ | Icon King]] released under [[Docs:LicenseInfo | GPL licence]]. I love the Nuvola suite and we use it for our Wikka (see the screenshot at UserMenus).

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