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Various enhancements to WikkaWiki
- DraftDocument - Mark a wiki page as a ‘draft’ work in progress.
- SearchTags - Add unobtrusive search tags to a page.
- PagesForUser - Provides a search list of all pages owned by a user.
- ChangesClip - Provides a list (clipping) of recent changes suitable for inclusion in other pages.
- FreeTaggingFolksonomy - (Tagging Support) - Enables true folksonomy in Wikka Wiki!
- DefaultCategoryPages - Creates a default category page for any that do not exist.

Current page contributions to this wiki include:
- WikkaFolksonomy
- ChangesClip
- DefaultCategoryPages
- DraftDocument
- FreeTaggingFolksonomy
- PagesForUser
- SearchTags

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