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Color/ Colour Action Documentation

This is the documentation page for the Color / Colour action(s).

Once the planned 'autodoc' feature for actions is "live", this page will contain the automatically-generated documentation by just including an action; for now, I've just manually created the text.


Short description
Displays a given text in a given color.

textstringmandatory-the text you want to display colored
cstringoptional-color you want to use, like "blue"
hexstring?optional-color in hex values

Long description
With the actions "color" and "colour" (the later one is a synonymon) you can display a test in a color you want.

Note that you must add a text and either use "c" or "hex" for the color.

{{color [text="This is my text"] [c="red"]}}

{{color c="green" text="This is a test."}} gives:

This is a test.

If you want to use hex values:

{{color hex="#DD0000" text="This is another test."}} to give:

This is another test.


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