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Hi there.
As you've probably guessed my name is James and I'm from Edinburgh in Scotland.
I am interested in Wikka following on from my brief experience with Wakka, which now appears to be defunct.

Wakka like Wikka was being developed to include similar features to those that are being discussed and developed on this site. One developer was TomG who had managed to develop the code to include user groups, e-mail, registration and administration functions.

One of Tom's sites can be seen at [[ | Soul Dynamics]]

Hi James. Any progress on generating a PDF file output from wikka? -- Mike Bowen (GmBowen)

~&Sorry Mike, no progress as yet as I've got other things to do at the moment. My lack of programming skills doesn't help although I have had success using the class without wikka. It shouldn't be too difficult though. Basically you have a file which includes the FPDF Class and queries the database. The problem is restricting the results to the latest page and presumably reversing the wikka markup to show bold etc. I could e-mail you an example file if you would like, need your e-mail address though.
~~&Have a look at this example Mike.
As you can see it picks the Page Name and Content fromm the database alright. The script needs a little refinement to format the page layout correctly and as I said earlier to restrict the results set from the sl query. The code is below.


class PDF extends PDF_MySQL_Table
function Header()
$this->Cell(0,6,'Wikka Output To PDF',0,1,'C');
//Ensure table header is output

//Connect to database

$pdf=new PDF();
//First table: put all columns automatically
$pdf->Table('select tag,body from main_wikka_pages');
//Second table: specify 2 columns,
//$pdf->Table('select tag,body from main_wikka_pages order by tag limit 0,10',$prop);


Thanks James. I've got an undergrad programmer hired for a few weeks in May....and I found the pdf generating code for wikini as well (which is now only in a google cache) I'm probably going to have him try and get pdf output working (using a handler). I found a "footnoting/endnoting" action for wikini too, so I'll get him working on that also. When either are working I'll post them up (um, I hope this is okay and you don't feel like your efforts are being hi-jacked.....some people are really touchy about such things, but I really do need PDF output from wikka.). Cheers. --GmBowen

~&Mike, have a look at FPDF at Download the class and one of the database examples from the examples page. I'm sure your undergrad will have it working in no time. For what it's worth, I would like to place a link on each page or footer that allowed for the content to be saved as a pdf file. A further option to e-mail the page to another wikka user would also be good. I hope to hear about your success with this, soon. Cheers Jim.
~~&Ya, the wikini handler used fpdf & did this by using a line like which would be easy to put in the footer. I'll let you know when the code is ready (the programmer doesn't start for 2 weeks yet).
~~&Sounds good Mike, thanks.
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