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I use WikkaWiki for a team intranet site. We use it for documentation, linking to other useful information on our intranet, etc. Here are some things I'm interested in:

~- [[ | Technical Care]] - My company, which does systems integration.
~- [[ | NetHappy Web Design]] - My web design and hosting company.
~- [[ | Huebel Family Website]] - Website for the Huebel family.
~- [[ | Personal Weblog]] - My personal weblog.
~- [[ | SETXLUG]] - Southeast Texas Linux Users Group, running WikkaWiki.

Here are my contributions to WikkaWiki:

~- DateWithOffset - Shows the current Date, with a time offset
~- TimeWithOffset - Shows the current Time, with a time offset
~- MetaRefresh - hack to allow refreshing the HomePage every 60 seconds.
~- FileModificationTime - action that displays the modification time of any file on the server filesystem (maybe URI's too).
~- SidenoteActions - allows you to add post-it style sidenotes on a page in three different styles (tip, note, warn).
~- OpenExternalInNewWindow - allows you to force external links to load in a new window

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