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Hello, my name is Jeroen. Im a MSc. student information sciences at Tilburg University, the Netherlands.
Im working on my graduation thesis which is about wiki usage in higher education.

Please leave a message after the beep (which you'll hear eventually if you listen long enough).


====Draft. Recently edited social awareness functionality====

**Patch description**
If you open a WikiPage in edit mode (invoke the edit page handler),
a display of social awareness information might come in handy (eg. for collaboration purposes).
This patch displays an overview of users who recently opened the WikiPage in edit mode, on a per-page basis.

If you want this functionality you need to do the following:

1. //Create new table to log necessary information.//

CREATE TABLE yourprefix_log (
id int(11) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment,
handler varchar(30) NOT NULL default '',
tag varchar(75) NOT NULL default '0',
username varchar(255) NOT NULL default '',
accessed_at datetime NOT NULL,

2. //Patch edit page handler, handler/page/edit.php//

After the following existing code snippet in edit.php (wikka v1.1.6.0):

// append a comment?
if ($_REQUEST['appendcomment'])
$body = trim($body)."\n\n----\n\n--".$this->GetUserName().' ('.strftime("%c").')';

Add the following code, after line 124

// indicates the number of minutes logs will be shown, eg. 5 = display users who accessed page in last 5 minutes and purge the rest
$minutes_interval = 30;

// first purge old showlogs
$deletebool = $this->Query("DELETE FROM ".$this->config["table_prefix"]."log WHERE handler=\"edit\" AND tag=\"" . $this->GetPageTag() . "\" AND accessed_at < (NOW() - INTERVAL " . $minutes_interval . " MINUTE)");

// if latest page version insert record in viewlog
$insertbool = $this->Query("INSERT INTO ".$this->config["table_prefix"]."log VALUES(\"\", \"edit\", \"" . $this->GetPageTag(). "\", \"" . $this->GetUserName() . "\", NOW()" . ")");

if($insertbool && $deletebool) $ispurged = true;

$lastusers = $this->LoadAll("SELECT * FROM ".$this->config["table_prefix"]."log WHERE handler=\"edit\" AND tag=\"" . $this->GetPageTag() . "\" AND accessed_at >= (NOW() - INTERVAL " . $minutes_interval . " MINUTE) GROUP BY username ORDER by username DESC");

foreach ($lastusers as $lastuser){
if($lastuser["username"] != $this->GetUserName()) {
if($x > 0) $userstoprint .= "::";
$userstoprint .= $this->Format($lastuser["username"]);

if($userstoprint) $lastusersmessage = "In the last " . $minutes_interval . " minutes, the following users opened this page in edit mode:<p>" .$userstoprint . "</p>\n";

$output .= $lastusersmessage;

After this you should be ready to play ball. Try playing around with a couple of different users who open the same page in edit mode and you'll see what this patch does. Please provide feedback if you think whether this is (not) usefull.

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