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password: m{this.domain/KlenWell} login: klenwell / m{}
my wikka site:

Code Contributions

Wikka 3-Column Layout Customization
Wikka Recent Changes Notifier

Proposed Page Handler Revision

A good first step in intelligently refactoring the page handler code would be identifying the discrete html elements that make up the html it outputs. I've created the following page to list out the html elements and controller events that output core wikka page:


The page-rendering code (handlers/page/show.php) for wikka, at the moment, is a bit disorganized. I notice there are some references to a new templating model in the latest release and notice the improvement being made. But I think this part of the code could benefit by following a more organized controller logic. Find my proposed revision of handlers/page/show.php below:

Its advantages

Note: this was submitted to Wikkawiki dev site as Ticket #532

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KlenwellCodeHandlerShow564 show.20070712.php (based on revision #564)
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