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About Me

password: m{this.domain/KlenWell} login: klenwell / m{}
my wikka site:

Code Contributions

Wikka 3-Column Layout Customization
Wikka Recent Changes Notifier

Proposed Page Handler Revision

Note: this was submitted to Wikkawiki dev site as Ticket #532

The page-rendering code (handlers/page/show.php) for wikka, at the moment, is a bit disorganized. I notice there are some references to a new templating model in the latest release and notice the improvement being made. But I think this part of the code could benefit by following a more organized controller logic. Find my proposed revision of handlers/page/show.php below:

Its advantages

Code Source
KlenwellCodeHandlerShow564 show.20070712.php (based on revision #564)
KlenwellCodeHandlerShow637 show.20070805.php (based on revision #637)
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