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===Krzysztof Trybowski===
After long time searching for a wiki system that would suit my needs, I found out that I'll have to do some tweaking on my own anyway. I decided WikkaWiki is the best base to start with. My main aim is to prepare a wiki system to be used by my organization to manage its knowledge. I work on unstable Wikka (mainly because I don't want to rearrange everything when this becomes a stable version, and given that it works reasonably stable already: why not testing it?).

==My extensions to Wikka==
Some of them are public other are not. Some will be as soon as I feel they meet the right quality standards.
~-nofooter and noheader actions: simple tweaks to footer and header files so that it's possible to omit them (useful for main page).
~-[[TRBCounter]]: my version of a counter for wiki pages -- based on idea by GmBowen, but adding more features.
~-[[TRBMostVisited]]: redesign of MostVisited action -- more functions then original ([[MostVisited]]).
~-simple tweak to enable user styling of each page separately.
~-Polish translation of UI and default pages for WikkaWiki 1.1.7 (done now, character set issues remain)

==My TODO==
This is listed here, so that *I* can read it wherever I am and feel like doing some coding. :)

~-""ThisHelpedMe"" action
~-""PageTitle"" action
~-""CustomCSS"" action
~-Separation of login, logout and user settings
~-A way to include metainformation in a page
~-help with UTF-8 support

==Private area==
Everything below are my notes for things regarding WikkaWiki I'm recently busy with. These are for my own needs (a sort of globally-accessible notepad) and however this is not really //private//, you may have trouble understanding what I ean :).

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