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===Logged Users Homepage===

Here's a quick way to create two distinct homepages, the first for anonymous visitors, the second for registered users:

~-Add the following line to ##wakka.config.php##: %%(php)"logged_in_homepage" => "IntraNet",%%
~-Make the following modification in ##header.php##:


<?php echo $this->Link($this->config["root_page"]); ?> ::


<?php echo ($this->GetUser() ? $this->Link($this->config["logged_in_homepage"]) : $this->Link($this->config["root_page"])); ?> ::

You will then need to setup the appropriate ACLs for the ""IntraNet"" page

-- DarTar

~& Marc Elser: --- I recommend adding this to libs/Wakka.class.php make the redirection also when you just type in the wiki-url (without params), for example Make sure you move the page with the ""$this-SetUser()"" command before the redirection to make it work. %%(php)
// do our stuff!
if (!$this->method = trim($method)) $this->method = "show";
if (!$this->GetUser() && ($user = $this->LoadUser($this->GetCookie('user_name'), $this->GetCookie('pass')))) $this->SetUser($user);
if (!$this->tag = trim($tag)) $this->Redirect($this->Href("", $this->GetUser() ? $this->config["logged_in_homepage"] : $this->config["root_page"]));

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