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Hi there, i am Stefano Baraldi, aka //MightyPanda//.

I am a software designer and developer, currently graduating for a master in CS in the university of Bologna (Italy).
My thesis is called //wikiWall// and it's all about bridging visual knowledge building and wikiweb, using natural interaction interfaces.
Check my [[ | blog]] for details.

In my thesis project i'm using Wikka to integrate **concept mapping**, using wiki pages as concepts.
I'm tweaking Wikka code a bit, and i'm adding some actions and formatters as well.

I hope to show the world something useful and interesting very soon!

Take care,

~& Hiya Stefano. I'm using wikka with one of my university special topics courses as a tool for students to communicate about their work on a term-long technology project. The idea of introducing concept mapping into wikka is quite appealing, as I teach concept mapping as part of my "methods" courses (on how to teach science in elementary and high school). I started playing with a [[ | corkboard]] that I wanted to introduce into wikka (first efforts [[ | here]])...but got bogged down with trying to drag the boxes around into groups and **save the new position** back to the server (although [[ | webnote]] certainly suggests it's possible....but I can't get it working on my server). The idea of dragging the boxes into groupings of ideas & saving the location was moving towards the fundamentals of concept mapping (similar to the playing with post-it note groupings that students do as part of developing a concept map in my classes). Anyways, I look forward to seeing your contributions to wikka...and ultimately your thesis. -- GmBowen (aka Mike Bowen)

I'll share my achievements for sure Mike, as soon as this "hot" moment is over am my thesis is done ;)
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