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This is a real-time mind map of recent changes on Wikka. It is generated by adding the following link in the page body:

Download this mind map :: Use Freemind to edit it :: Open fullscreen

Do you see the potential of this! Any XML output from the wiki can be turned into a mind map. - JsnX

hey, that rocks ;)

am i right? all you need to make the things fly is to provide a freemap template that defines how to render an xml-document and the well formed xml-structure itself? with that it should be quite easy to use that feature for the planned toc-action (to be more precise: for a handler that does almost the same, but returns the output as xml to feed the mindmapper). i need to have a closer look at the stuff.

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Comment by GmBowen
2005-01-02 22:12:49
How is this file....
generated in real time?

I've tried implementing the above code line calling the action on my server and it doesn't work. I'm obviously missing something.
Comment by DarTar
2005-03-15 21:32:19
Confirmed, there is an XML parsing error in:
which corrupts the freemind output.

PetriS, try to see if this works for you:
Comment by KarmaTester
2005-03-18 03:12:16
I see the same error with 1.4.1_03 and 5.0_02. EmbeddedMapExample works fine. What changed?
Comment by JsnX
2005-03-18 12:24:31
There was an '&' symbol in one of the comments. Apparently this is not allowed in XML. I removed the symbol and all is well.
Comment by JavaWoman
2005-03-19 07:37:09
Rather than removing the &, it should be escaped - not with a character entity reference but with a numerical one. (XML does not have character entities like HTML and & is a "special" character.) I don't know where the & appeared but an alternative would be to make each content section a CDATA section - that would make it valid XML but I don't know whether FreeMind can deal with that.

Similar solution needed for the RSS-generating code(s), where CDATA sections for content is best.
Comment by PetriS
2005-03-20 08:57:51
Thanks DarTar and JsnX, it works now.
Comment by
2005-03-23 20:17:44
All I see above is a big grey square. Not very impressive.
Comment by
2005-03-23 20:24:24
No Java installed?
Comment by
2005-04-06 08:34:09
I see a grey square only. Jave installed.
Comment by TimoK
2005-04-06 10:06:40
I get an error message that the mindmap can't be loaded. The reason are unescaped quotation marks in the xml I guess. At least I get an XML Error when opening the mindmap by itself. This is definitly a bug in the mm-generating code.
Comment by DarTar
2005-04-06 11:25:36
Yep, confirmed. I get the same error message.
Comment by JavaWoman
2005-07-04 08:41:39
This error - affecting generated XML for mindmaps as well as revisions and RecentChanges feeds and WikiPing, but also in some cases the revisions and RecentChanges pages - has now been fixed on this server (as "beta" since it's not in the release yet).

The trick is to feed an edit note wherever it's presented through the htmlspecialchars_ent() method. This should fix 99% of the problems, at least.

If everything is stable now, the fix should appear in a future release.
Comment by
2005-07-06 14:22:03
Is there any chance that someone could explain how to make this work now? How does one feed an edit note "through the htmlspecialchars_ent()" method?

IOW, what's the fix to the PHP code to make this work?
Comment by NickDamoulakis
2005-11-09 06:59:26
Hi guys,
How do I use this facility?
I'd like to have a Wikka page that, upon entry, shows a Mindmap of changes...just like the one shown here.
Comment by DarTar
2005-11-09 07:42:26
Nick, this mindmap is produced by calling the handler, included with Wikka If you append / to any page URL on your site and you check the source, you will see XML data used by Freemind to build a map. To embed these data and visualize the map you just need to create a new page and add to it the full link to these data, e.g. http://yourwikkasite/AnyPage/ I agree it would be more intuitive and user-friendly to generate the map from an action.
Comment by NickDamoulakis
2005-11-13 12:11:00
Hi Dario,
Thanks for that. Alas, what I was actually looking for was an auto-generated mindmap for the entire site (not asking much, am I :-)

I thought it would be great to be able to check that once a day, in order to see how the Wikki is developing in the hands of the users.
Comment by DarTar
2005-11-14 07:51:41

it should be easy to adjust the code to modify as many revisions as you want. Take a look at handlers/page/ and look for the $max variable.

Hope this helps
Comment by NickDamoulakis
2005-11-15 12:37:53
Hi Dario,
I've now created a page, ShowRecentChangesMindMapAction, which contains the source for anyone to look and modify. This is a (ahem, cleaner) newer version of what I emailed you. Cheers,
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