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Wikka and mod_rewrite

Mod_rewrite translates URLs like to

Wikka works with mod_rewrite. And Wikka works without mod_rewrite.

During installation, Wikka will try to figure out if mod_rewrite is available. If Wikka does not detect mod_rewrite, it's possible to manually configure Wikka to use it after installation.

Follow this simple instruction:

Change these lines:
	"base_url" => "", 
"rewrite_mode" => "0", 

to this:
	"base_url" => "", 
"rewrite_mode" => "1", 

That's it. Notice the small change. We are just removing "wikka.php?wakka=" and then setting rewrite_mode to 1.

If after following the instruction above mod_rewrite is still not working, there's only one possibility. Your web host does not have mod_rewrite configured so that you can use it.

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