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I discovered that the error occurs on use of (double double quotes) to escape from the wikitext renderer. Suggestions? ---- Received this error today (march 25 2005) ~''Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /var/www/ on line 186'' I had copied the FormattingRules page to my own wiki (you really should include it with your install). I disabled html embedding in wiki pages in the wikka.config.php with the line ~''"double_doublequote_html" => "disabled",'' i deleted a section at the end of FormattingRules wherei guess a cohort had included brief html embed instructions. When i clicked Store, the resulting page (which would have displayed the complete edit) gave the above error. Here's the code removed. %%(wiki) ===14. Embedded HTML=== Use two doublequotes around the html tags. "" [html code] "" By default, some HTML tags are removed by the SafeHTML parser to protect against potentially dangerous code. The list of tags that are removed can be found on the Wikka:SafeHTML page. It is possible to allow //all// HTML tags to be used, see Wikka:UsingHTML for more information. ----%% It's wierd because any attempt EXCEPT by /edit to parse that page at all results in that error. Even history. the remaining stored code of the page is as follows. i added a space between dbl %'s so it wouldn't break the formatting. %%(wiki) ======Wikka Formatting Guide====== Once you have read through this, test your formatting skills in the SandBox. ---- ===1. Text Formatting=== ''Note: Anything between 2 sets of double-quotes is not formatted.'' bold **bold ** I'm italic text! //I'm italic text!// And I'm underlined! And I'm __underlined__! monospace text ##monospace text## highlight text (using 2 single-quotes) ''highlight text'' Strike through text ++Strike through text++ Press ANY KEY Press #%ANY KEY#%
Center text
@@Center text@@ ===2. Headers=== Use between five = (for the biggest header) and two = (for the smallest header) on both sides of a text.

Really big header

====== Really big header ======

Rather big header

===== Rather big header =====

Medium header

==== Medium header ====

Not-so-big header

=== Not-so-big header ===
Smallish header
== Smallish header == ===3. Horizontal separator===
---- ===4. Forced line break===
--- ---- ===5. Lists / Indents=== Indent text using **4** spaces (which will auto-convert into tabs) or using "~". To make bulleted / ordered lists, use the following codes (you can use 4 spaces instead of "~"): ~- bulleted list: - bulleted list - Line two ~1) numbered list: 1) numbered list 1) Line two ~A) Using uppercase characters: A) Using uppercase characters A) Line two ~a) Using lowercase characters: a) Using lowercase characters a) Line two ~I) using uppercase roman numerals: I) using Latin numbers I) Line two ~i) using lowercase roman numerals: i) using Latin numbers i) Line two ---- ===6. Inline comments=== ~& Comment ~~& Subcomment ~~~& Subsubcomment ~& Comment ~~& Subcomment ~~~& Subsubcomment ---- ===7. Images=== To place images on a Wiki page, use: DVD logo {{image class="center" alt="dvd logo" title="An Image Link" url="" link="RecentChanges"}} Links can be external, or internal Wiki links. You don't have to enter a link at all, and in that case just an image will be inserted. You can also use the classes 'left' and 'right' to float images left and right. You don't need to use all those attributes, only url is essential. ---- ===8. Links=== To link to other wiki pages, write - a WikiName - or a forced link with "" and "" around it (everything after the first space will be shown as description) - Example: Jenna's Home Page - or an image with a link To link to external pages, write - a http address inside the page - or a forced link with "" and "" around it (everything after the first space will be shown as description) - Example: Jenna's Home Page - or an image with a link - or an InterWiki link (see InterWiki page for wiki list) - Examples: - WikiPedia:WikkaWiki - Google:CSS - Thesaurus:Happy ---- ===9. Tables=== To create a table use this code:
yes yes no
no no
to give: {{table columns="3" cellpadding="1" cells="BIG;GREEN;FROGS;yes;yes;no;no;no;###"}} # means the cell is empty. ---- ===10. Colored Text=== This is a test. gives: {{color c="blue" text="This is a test."}} If you want to use hex values: This is another test. to give: {{color hex="#DD0000" text="This is another test."}} ---- ===11. Floats=== **Left floated box - use two < signs before and after the block** < characters before and after the block** >>Some text in a floated box hanging around>>Some more text as a filler. Some more text as a filler. Some more text as a filler. Some more text as a filler. Some more text as a filler. Some more text as a filler. Some more text as a filler. Some more text as a filler. Use
to clear floated blocks... ---- ===12. Code formatters=== Simply use % %(formatter) code % % - see below for a list of available formatters. Example: % %(php) PHP code% %: % %(php) % % {{table columns="2" cellpadding="1" cells="LANGUAGE;FORMATTER;Actionscript;actionscript;ADA;ada;Apache Log;apache;ASM;asm;ASP;asp;Bash;bash;C;c;C for Macs;c_mac;c#;csharp;C++;cpp;CAD DCL;caddcl;CadLisp;cadlisp;CSS;css;Delphi;delphi;HTML;html4strict;Java;java;Javascript;javascript;Lisp;lisp;Lua;lua;NSIS;nsis;Objective C;objc;OpenOffice BASIC;oobas;Pascal;pascal;Perl;perl;PHP;php;Python;phyton;Q(uick)BASIC;qbasic;Smarty;smarty;SQL;sql;VB.NET;vbnet;Visual BASIC;vb;Visual Fox Pro;visualfoxpro;XML;xml"}} ---- CategoryWiki%% ==== Here's my config ==== %% "", "mysql_database" => "wikka", "mysql_user" => "wikiuser", "table_prefix" => "_", "root_page" => "WikiHome", "wakka_name" => "empornium", // "base_url" => "", "base_url" => "", "rewrite_mode" => "1", "action_path" => "actions", "handler_path" => "handlers", "gui_editor" => "1", "stylesheet" => "css/layout.css", "wikka_formatter_path" => "formatters", "wikka_highlighters_path" => "formatters", "geshi_path" => "3rdparty/plugins/geshi", "geshi_languages_path" => "3rdparty/plugins/geshi/geshi", "header_action" => "header", "footer_action" => "footer", "navigation_links" => "[[CategoryCategory Categories]] :: PageIndex :: RecentChanges :: RecentlyCommented :: [[UserSettings Login/Register]]", "logged_in_navigation_links" => "[[CategoryCategory Categories]] :: PageIndex :: RecentChanges :: RecentlyCommented :: [[UserSettings Change settings/Logout]]", "referrers_purge_time" => "30", "pages_purge_time" => "0", "xml_recent_changes" => "10", "hide_comments" => "1", "anony_delete_own_comments" => "1", "double_doublequote_html" => "disabled", "external_link_tail" => "", "sql_debugging" => "0", "admin_users" => "EmpAdmin", "admin_email" => "", "upload_path" => "uploads", "mime_types" => "mime_types.txt", "geshi_header" => "div", "geshi_line_numbers" => "1", "geshi_tab_width" => "4", "wikiping_server" => ,
"default_write_acl" => "*",
"default_read_acl" => "*",
"default_comment_acl" => "*",
"mysql_password" => "wikiuser",
"meta_keywords" => , "meta_description" => ,
"geshi_tab width" => "4",
"wakka_version" => "");

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