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@@===== Wikka is 1 Year Old ! =====@@

""<div style="text-align:center;color:red; background: white; border: 1px dashed #666;margin: 0.5%; padding: 25px;"><img src="/images/cake.gif" alt="Birthday cake" title="Wikka 1st Birthday" width="180px" /></a></div>""

**May 16, 2005** is Wikka's first birthday.
Come on in, join the party and add your wishes...

~-DarTar wonders whether //Wikka's [[JsnX | father]] is going to make a speech//? Dis-cor-so! Dis-cor-so! Dis-cor-so! :) --- (and here's his small [[ | birthday present]] for Wikka)

~-GregorLindner hopes the community keeps up the good work, and keeps Wikka developing at this speed. Additional: I hope JavaWoman does not get tired by me asking stupid questions.

~-NilsLindenberg looks back at the time he started here and wonders what wikka we will have in one year. And, naturely, a big thank you to all of our users. Additional: Dartar, your present really looks amazing :)

~-JavaWoman is sorry she missed most of the birthday party (out of town and without Internet for the weekend) but is back just in time... (No, GregorLindner, I don't tire of questions - questions that get asked are by definition **not** stupid.) She hopes you all enjoyed the cake (thanks, DarTar!) and that she may be here to bake a much bigger one in a year to share with a multitude of happy Wikka users.

~-DarTar puts on his todo list a ##grabcake.php## handler.

~-OnegWR - For he's a jolly good Wiki, For he's a jolly good Wiki, For he's a jolly good Wiki, Which nob'dy can deny. ---Isn't this a good moment to review (maybe some statistics, # of lines of code, # of users, # of downloads, ...) what has been done in this year and maybe even set a target for may 16th, 2006?
~~&On [[TheLounge | #wikka]] we also came up with: # of releases, # of crew members (very nice if expressed in % growth), # of questions about mod_rewrite, # of bad jokes, # number of ypots on [[TheLounge | #wikka]]. Further suggestions? Some of these would have to be estimated, of course. ;-) --JavaWoman

~-NilsLindenberg puts "world domination" on target list for may 16th, 2006 ;)

~-JsnX steps into the party late and becomes very sad that he missed it. Quickly recovering, he decides to oblige DarTar and give a very brief speech... "I'm proud of Wikka's growth over the past year. Various people have come and gone, but the main "crew" has been solid. The members of the crew have contributed hours upon hours of their time, month after month, making Wikka a special piece of software that is truly worth celebrating. The dedication from these individuals has been remarkable. Please join me in raising my glass to celebrate DarTar, JavaWoman, and NilsLindenberg. They are the people making it happen. Salute, cheers, proost(?)!"
~~&Proost! And thank you!

~-JavaWoman steps in again, this time to salute our users. The silent crowd who just download, install, and run with it. The creative ones, tweaking and modding till it's hardly recognizable on the surface, but still very much Wikka in the core (because Wikka makes that so easy to do). The ones who come into the [[TheLounge | #wikka]] channel to ask for help (which helps us making Wikka better). The ones reporting bugs on WikkaBugs and filing their suggestions in the SuggestionBox. The ones who come into [[TheLounge | #wikka]] to ask a question but then decide to stay around and become part of the permanent population, mostly lurking, but sometimes stepping forward to help, or occasionally just to chat about non-wikka things like homework and cooking. ([[TheLounge | #wikka]] has been invaluable in building a Wikka community.) The ones writing up their experiences with Wikka and sharing their extensions on this site or their own. **Wikka would not be Wikka without all these users!** Thank you all!

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