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==Real Name:==
Paul John Adams

==Current Job:==
Software Configuration Manager, Department Intranet Administrator, plus administrator for many tools (including PVCS Tracker, Serena ""TeamTrack"", PVCS Version Manager, ""ClearCase"", [[ | MyDMS]] - Freeware Document Management System)

==Wikka Usage:==
Recently installed Wikka Wakka Wiki ( on our Intranet (Windows 2003 server, IIS 6.0, PHP 5.04, MySQL 4.1.11).

==Wikka Mods in Place:==
Bug fix for double click editing

I had to modify the 'files.php' action to also exclude '_vti_cnf' and '_derived' directories which are magically created by IIS when you upload files.

I also modified the header so that it was possible to add a live bookmark (commonly known as "autodiscovery") in Mozilla Firefox. To do that, I added the following line to header.php within the head section (please change 'Your wiki name' to something more appropriate and 'your wiki site' to your wiki path):
if ($this->PageTitle()=="RecentChanges")
echo '<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml"
title="Your wiki name : Recently Changed" href="your wiki site/wikka/wikka.php?wakka=RecentChanges/recentchanges.xml" />'
==Wikka Wakka Wiki Impressions:==
I initially chose this wiki engine over all the others purely because of the FreeMind support. I have not been disappointed by my choice. It has had a very positive reaction from our developers, many of whom have already created quite a few pages (they are normally very reluctant about any form of communal tools - I installed a forum that has hardly been used at all!)

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