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====About Me====
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I am a graduate of the [[ | NSSA Department]] at [[ | RIT]], currently working on my masters in [[ | Computer Security and Information Assurance]].

My thesis will most likely be related to either graphical passwords, or methods of obscuring private communication via public Internet channels.

I enjoy modding electronics for fun and for the challenge. Currently, I am teaching myself ""PowerShell"" and VBscript to streamline my day-to-day tasks as well as Beta Testing Windows 7 at home and at work.

I'm using Wikka on my [[ | website]] as an invisible wiki to some success, and I've used Wikka in the past for a few personal wikis.

You may find me on [[ | Twitter]], on IRC, or any number of support forums on the internet.

====My Actions====
**TwitterFeed:** It's a rehashed rss feed that is tailored to twitter, taking the twitter rss feed and doing some cool stuff:
- Automatically removes the "Username: " prior to the twitter
- Makes any twittered links clickable
- Optionally includes @replies
- Optionally limits the feed to x number of entries
- References to @twitterperson are made clickable, going to their homepage
**SigAction:** Emulates the signature block from Wikipedia
- Defaults to display signature as "- Username, mm/dd/yyyy"
- Optionally specify username by envoking ""{{sig user="NonDefault user"}}""
**AgeAction:** Calculates age
- Defaults to calculating from start date to current date
- Optionally specify end date to calculate from start to end

**PortableWikka:** Describes the process I used for setting up a local, portable Wikka installation on my 8GB thumbdrive.
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