Comment by JavaWoman
2004-10-28 16:57:47
Um, Nils, you're doing great work as a "street sweeper" on this wiki making things neat and tidy - I've been adding CategoryUsers here and there, like you have - but isn't adding that category to an empty page going a bit far?
Are you bored, or something? :^)
Comment by
2004-10-29 13:25:56
Well, at least it is a user page - isn't it? :-)
And don't forget the huge, sometimes nearly overwhelming, impression of this page when it had it's whiteness! You surely can only agree with my point of view: this white emptiness has given us the chance to project not only our dreames, hopes and thoughts on it, but it allows also the reflection of such banal, and in the western culture mostly underestimated, things like i.e. shopping lists. This white page begged for beeing written on. And I havent begun to write about the consequences of my decision to categorieze the page....
*notice to myself: read a book about the consequences of spending too much time with students from social sciences on the mind*
(Who says i am bored? ;-)
Comment by JavaWoman
2004-10-29 17:53:20
I much preferred its virgins whiteness, though - now broken by that line and category link... but yes, it _is_ a user page. Technically, at least. Maybe we need a conservation movement to protect white user pages from extinction?
Who says you're bored? My server stats, showing a recent visit from Italy to my travel blog suggest likewise... ;-)

(Who? Me? I'm just taking a break from hacking. Never boring.)
Comment by NilsLindenberg
2004-10-29 19:28:19
I suggest the action "whitepage" which, included to a site, shows a white page. Isn't there a web-standard about white pages? ;-)
(well, my lack of italian and my sometimes very curved way of thinking bring me to the internet at the imposssibelst times and passing the security for only minuts is a little bit waste of time :-)
Comment by JavaWoman
2004-10-29 19:43:53
"I suggest the action "whitepage" which, included to a site, shows a white page."
And serves to ignore all other page content so none of that is shown, whatever is there? Sounds like an interesting Wiki-programming exercise. Possibly quite useful, too. Hmmm.

Noooo, don't distract me!!
Comment by GmBowen
2004-10-30 04:54:24
hmmmm...I seem to (seriously) remember elsewhere somebody proposing a "hide content" action. Perhaps an action could be written that would cover both your suggestion JavaWoman and that previous one...they are at some level conceptually related. Combined with my "erasehistory" action (see my page) and the administrative delete pages function one could literally create a completely empty wiki populated with empty pages. This type of wiki could support social activities such as community of people interested in minimalist art, or a site devoted to the works of Philip Glass even.
Comment by JavaWoman
2004-10-30 09:52:42
Actually, some Wikis _have_ a "hide content" capability (efefctively commenting out content) - but you have to specifically mark up what content you want to hide. A "whitepage" action could do something similar - but globally. And apart from "minimalist" usefulness :) it could actually be useful to temporarily hide a page's content without actually removing all of it.

My brain's been active again while I slept, so I came up with this thought when I woke up this morning: The way Wikka is implemented, at least a partial functionality like that would probably quite easy to implement - partial in the sense that it would be easy to hide anything *above* where the action occurs in the page. Put it at the end, and you could effectively "white out" the entire page's content when rendered without removing any of its content.

Now... when I have a moment this weekend, or seriously need a break form more serious programs ... hmmmm. No promises though! :)
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