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Hi, I'm Richard Berg. While I'm using (stuck with?) 'Tavi for my biggest wiki-site, I use Wikka for my personal site. I post on far too many internet forums, so you might recognize me from one of the websites on my bookmarks. If not, I'm just that random guy who contributes a snippet of code now & then and complains a lot ;-)

Local pages I'm interested in:

email: [spell out the domain]

1/22/05 - Spam help! I have apparently been attacked by an army of spam bots. Has this happened to anyone else? For now, I am asking for your help with:

Whatever script they used (on multiple machines, no less) could certainly be used against any Wakka-like site with minimal modifications, so something has to be done...I will do what I can to help you guys combat future attacks as well as implement the new HTML attribute you've probably all heard about.

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