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I ++maintain the [[ | SFU LIDC Wiki]]++ was rather unceremoniously laid off from SFU but still have the source code for all of the modifications I've made to WikkaWiki. A list of custom hacks can be seen at [[ | the WikiMods page]].

I'm thinking about a) user groups and b) page groups. I've done user groups to my satisfaction, they work like:

Group:foo has members Anne, Bill, Chad

Page FooBar has ACL "Group:foo, Zeke"
therefore only Anne, Bill, Chad, and Zeke can see page FooBar. Simple.

Page groups are less obvious. I'm thinking, maverickally, that inheritance is not the way to go. Since the vernacular on my wiki seems to be prefixes, something like:

++Pagegroup:Pagename should work. You can access the page with or without the prefix, but the prefix overrides the ACL of the page. Except the colon seems to be reserved for InterWiki, not that I've ever seen it used. so maybe PageGroup|PageName. There would be an action ++""{{pagegroups}}""++ that would control which pages belong to which gorups. Perhaps a page could belong to multiple groups... haven't thought about that until just now actually. Need a way to do an intersection of ACLs.++

Better idea: Allow page tags to be specified as page owners. If PageB is "owned" by PageA, then PageB has the same ACL as PageA. This way, PageA could be the "table of contents" for its group. PageA is of course owned by whomever created it.

Other idea: ""{{pagegroup}}"" action that maintains a list of pages. Whatever ACL applies to the page containing the action also applies to the listed pages. Problem of only allowing pages owned by the same user...

Other other idea: On the ACL management, provide a field for "This page has the same ACL as".
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