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I work as the manager for the VoIP Engineering group at Voop AS, Bergen - Norway.

We use Wikka as our internal Wiki-system. We have created a very few Wikka Actions which we will be contributing back to the Wikka community.

Our first contributed extension is **WebGet**. This function takes a URL as a parameter and output the data from that URL. The rationale behind this was to fetch live data from other parts of our web server and display this into a Wikka-page.

We do have in the planning a MS-Word importer - this is not as hard as it may seems. Just use OpenOffice, a intermediate format (XML probably) and lastly a pretty simple XSLT to convert into Wikka-markup.

On a personal note I am a firm believer of integration, so the focus of my contributions will be in that respect.

I am also a firm believer of standards, and I would love nothing more than see Wikka move into using Creole ( as the basis for it's text-markup. In the mean time a good idea may be to simply create a formatter to handle that language.

If the Wikka ever needs a (new) slogan, my contribution will be: Wikka, the wiki-tool that helps you, not fights you.

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