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=====Safely embedding HTML in Wikka pages=====

>>**see also:**---[[Docs:ThirdPartyInfo Third-party software bundled with Wikka]]>>
Wikka uses the SafeHTML Parser by RomanIvanov.

This parser strips down all potentially dangerous content within HTML:

- opening tag without its closing tag
- closing tag without its opening tag
- any of these tags: “base”, “basefont”, “head”, “html”, “body”, “applet”, “object”, “iframe”, “frame”, “frameset”, “script”, “layer”, “ilayer”, “embed”, “bgsound”, “link”, “meta”, “style”, “title”, “blink”, “xml” etc.
- any of these attributes: on*, data*, dynsrc
- javascript:/vbscript:/about: etc. protocols
- expression/behavior etc. in styles
- any other active content

Check [[ the SafeHTML home page]] for more info.
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