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===== Hey, what happened to the SandBox? =====

""<div style="left; margin: 0px; padding: 4px 8px; width:45%; background-color:#FEE; border:1px solid #EDD"><p>Exit the <strong>SandBox</strong>, enter the <strong><a href="">Demo Server</a></strong>.</p></div>""
>>**Note:** The demo server is //reset// to system defaults every night so all the content (i.e., pages, comments, referrers, custom ACL settings, user accounts) will be destroyed.
>>To get a taste of WikkaWiki, you can check out the [[Demo:FormattingRules | formatting rules]] and then play in the [[Demo:SandBox | SandBox]] of our [[Demo:HomePage | demo server]]. [[Demo:UserSettings | Registering]] a free account will allow you to test user-related features (including [[Docs:CreateNewPage | page creation]], [[Docs:CloneHandlerInfo | page cloning]], [[Docs:PageDeletionInfo | page deletion]], [[Docs:ACLInfo | editing ACL setting]] etc...).

==== So how can I introduce myself? ====

If you wish to discuss and contribute to [[ | Wikka development]], or just share ideas and experiences with the Wikka community, you welcome to [[UserSettings | register]] an account and create your own [[WelcomeUser | user page]] on **this server**.

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