Server Error on fresh Wikka install


Going to the URL for a freshly-installed Wikka to trigger the installation process, the server issues a 500 (Server error) error and Wikka setup does not start.


Although there are many possible causes for a 500 server error, a common one with Wikka installs is the way Wikka tries to make use of the URL-rewriting capabilities of the Apache server. Wikka installs .htaccess files in its directories; the one in Wikka's home directory tries to detect whether mod_rewrite is available, and if so, turns on the rewriting engine and gives it some rules. A problem occurs when the rewriting is already on for the directory Wikka is installed in via server configuration for the same or a higher directory.

Applies to

Any Wikka version.


Note: since there actually can be different causes for a 500 Server error, the following workaround is not guaranteed to solve the problem - merely likely!

Open the .htaccess file in Wikka's home directory and uncomment the line turning the rewrite engine on:
Change this:
 RewriteEngine on
to this:
# RewriteEngine on

Then test... if this does not solve the prolem there must be another (as yet unidentified) cause, and you should remove the # again. And go hunting....

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