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Simon Knight

So this is my page. :)

I've been keen on the wiki idea for a while now, but had been put off by "generic portal sites" which look good on the surface, but you soon realise how little/hard to access the content is, not to mention ridiculously slow access times.

I really like this wiki implementation as it seems to be lightweight and fast, and works with php and mysql which are great, being open standards.

I am currently working on the webhosting side of things, but I am very eager to have a good play with this software. :)

Keep up the good work fellas!
Simon :)

What I'm using it for

Redeveloping a community wireless site in Australia.
More details to come...

Our current (static) site can be found here:


Features I'd love to see added:
An example of this could be:
Home > Countries > Europe
This would allow for pages to have a more defined structure relating them together.

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