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=====Simple Table markup for Wikka=====

<<==Note== This feature is under development and can be tested using the [[WikkaSVN | SVN trunk version]]. Note that the syntax for tables is likely to change until a stable version is released. Please do not invest much time in creating (advanced) tablemarkup yet!
~- [[Docs:TableMarkup | Table markup guide]]
~- [[Docs:TableMarkupReference | Table markup reference]]
~- To be included in 1.1.7.
~- For the latest version, download the latest [[WikkaUnstable | Wikka unstable version]].
~- For more information, see Ticket:230.
==See also==
~- WikkaTables
~- TableAction

I've hacked together a simple table markup for WikkaWiki; it is working it's way from a "layout" table markup to an accessible data table markup.

Currently it supports table header elements (##<th>##) and table data elements (##<td>##), cells spanning several columns and/or rows, table summary and caption, ##scope## attributes for headers, table sections (##<thead>, <tbody>, <tfoot>##).

====Basic Usage====


##""||Row 1 Column 1||Row 1 Column 2||Row 1 Column 3||""
""||Row 2 Column 1||Row 2 Column 2||Row 2 Column 3||""##
**The delimiter is two pipes (''""||""'').**

~- Use the delimiter to start a new table, row and/or cell.
~- The current row is ended with a delimiter at the end of a line.
~- The table is ended by starting the next line with anything else than a new delimiter after ending a row.
===="Advanced" Usage====


##""|?This is a token summary, must be first line in table markup. PS is between single pipes!|""
""|!|The Caption||""
""|=|First Column|=|Second Column||""
""||First datacell||Second Datacell||""
""|2|A datacell spanning two columns||""
""|,2|A datacell spanning two rows||A cell on the right||""
""||Another cell on the right (due to previous rowspan'd cell)||""
""|=|First Column|=|Second Column||""##
**Enhanced features are enabled by putting modifiers between the pipes.**

~- A header cell is started with a equals sign (''""|=|""'').
~- A cell span is started with numbers seperated by a comma. (''""|2|""'' = colspan="2", ''""|2,2|""'' = col+rowspan ="2" each, ''""|,2|""'' = rowspan="2" only).
~- An optional caption for the table can be put behind a exclamation mark'ed delimiter (''""|!|""'') and a normal delimiter. ''Needs to be alone on the line!''
~- A summary (for accessability) can be given ''//in//'' a delimiter started by a question mark (''""|?Summary|""''). ''Needs to be alone on the line, and //first// in the markup!''
~-Optional ##row## and ##col## scope attributes for headers can be added as ''""|=r|""'' and ''""|=c|""''.
~-Optional ##thead##, ##tbody## and ##tfoot## sections are generated by adding on a separate line ''""|#h|""'', ''""|#b|""'', ''""|#f|""''
~- Each row must (still) be ended by a basic (or any, actually) delimiter.

====Known Issues====

Ending the table with a ''""||""'' delimiter without a newline adds another cell/column. (''//**ie:** if there is no more content after the table, or if there is a space after the delimiter//'').


''I want input on bugs/issues - and on wanted functionality / suggestion on the markup.''


~- better delimiters? Please advice.
~- ++header cells++ Done.
~- ++col/rowspan++ Done.
~- ++caption++ Done.
~- ++summary++ Done.
~- ++th scope attribute++ Done.
~- ++thead/tbody/tfoot++ Done.

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