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>>//see also:// [[TRBCounter]]>>=====Most Visited Pages=====
==version 0.3==

This is a script based on [[MostVisited]] action by [[GeorgePetsagourakis | George Petsagourakis]]. It adds new functionality compared to the original version, but is compatible with it (both versions show exactly the same results).
To use this script you need to install this [[TRBCounter | page hit counter (TRBCounter)]] add-on first. You could also go with its predecessor, GmBowenCounter, but that is not fully compatible and provides less functions. For more details on the incompatibility see [[TRBCounter]] description.

This code is tested on Wikka and unstable

====What's new in this version====

==0.3 (since 0.2)==
~-Bug fixed: a first owner was displayed instead of current one.
~-Public-owned pages and pages owned by nobody are distinguished now.

==0.2 (since 0.1)==
~-It can display when a page was last visited (needs TRBCounter 0.6 or newer). Use showlastvisited="true".
~-Bug fixed: pages listed in //page_hit_counter_disable_pages// directive will no more be displayed -- even if they have a hit count > 0 (this may occur if a page had a counter enabled, scored some visits but was later added to the list of pages ignored by a counter).
~-You can limit the listing to pages that have been visited within the last X days. Use for example limitdays="5". Note: it’s enough that a page was visited once within the given number of days, and it will be listed. Currently there’s no way say how many times a page was visited within a given number of days, since this information is not stored by a counter.
~-Some other small changes.

==0.1 (since the original release by George Petsagourakis)==
~-Support for hidden pages ([[GmBowenAdminPageControlTool]] allows doing that) -- it doesn't display them.
~-Doesn't display pages that have hit count = 0.
~-It's translatable now (in Wikka, but compatibility with older versions is retained).
~-It's configurable now: the **mostvisited** action takes some parameters:
~~-showhits="15" -- will limit the list to 15 most visited pages (but still doesn't display pages that have hit count = 0). //Default: **10**//.
~~-showrank="false" -- show/hide the numbers on the side of the list (starting from 1). //Default: **true**//.
~~-showowner="true" -- show/hide the owner of each page beside its name. //Default: **false**//.
~~-showtotal="false" -- show/hide total number of hits. //Default: **true**//.
~~-showcurrent="true" -- show/hide number of hits of current revision. //Default: **false**//.
~~-showheader="false" -- show/hide table headers. //Default: **true**//.
~~-class="abc" -- name of the class, which surrounds the output. It is useful if you want to include a tiny, colorless version of MostVisited on your main page for example. //Default: **mostvisited_containter**//.
~-Replaced fancy array-mangling in PHP with one complicated SQL query.
~-Deprecated HTML removed, it's fully skinable by CSS now.

~-Different ways of sorting (by clicking on headers).
~-Possibility to see how many visits did older revisions have (and comparing it to how long they lasted, to get their "normalized" popularity). This could be done by adding a new handler.
~-Possibility to show how many visits did a page have within last XX days (would require changing the way hits are counted)
~-Additional display mode in which owner has its own column.
~-Use advanced HTML4 table properties (?).


===1. How to set this up===
All you need to do is create an action file mostvisited.php in a proper place.
For an unstable Wikka this will be **actions/mostvisited/mostvisited.php**.
For Wikka this will be **actions/mostvisited.php**.

* Display a list of most visited pages.
* @package Actions
* @name MostVisited
* @license GNU General Public License
* @filesource
* @author {@link George Petsagourakis} (first version)
* @author {@link Krzysztof Trybowski} (later changes)
* @date 06 Feb 2008
* @description This file assumes that you are running the counter.php by GmBowen or TRBCounter on your Wakka

// Default translation entries
if (!defined('MOSTVISITED_HEADING')) define('MOSTVISITED_HEADING', 'Most visited pages');
if (!defined('MV_RANK')) define('MV_RANK', 'Rank');
if (!defined('MV_PAGENAME')) define('MV_PAGENAME', 'Page name');
if (!defined('MV_PAGENAME_WITH_OWNER')) define('MV_PAGENAME_WITH_OWNER', 'Page name (page owner)');
if (!defined('MV_CURRENT_VERSION_HITS')) define('MV_CURRENT_VERSION_HITS', 'Current<br> version hits');
if (!defined('MV_TOTAL_HITS')) define('MV_TOTAL_HITS', 'Total hits');
if (!defined('MV_LAST_VISITED')) define('MV_LAST_VISITED', 'Last visited');
if (!defined('MV_LAST_VISITED_UNKNOWN')) define('MV_LAST_VISITED_UNKNOWN', '(unknown)');
if (!defined('MV_OWNER')) define('MV_OWNER', 'Owner'); //not used yet
if (!defined('MV_NOT_OWNED')) define('MV_NOT_OWNED', 'not owned');
if (!defined('MV_PUBLIC_OWNED')) define('MV_PUBLIC_OWNED', 'public');

// Defaults for options and some checking
if ($showhits==0) $showhits = 10;
if ($limitdays<1) $limitdays = '';
if (!isset($showrank)) $showrank = true;
if (!isset($showowner)) $showowner = false;
if (!isset($showcurrent)) $showcurrent = false;
if (!isset($showtotal)) $showtotal = true;
if (!isset($showheader)) $showheader = true;
if (!isset($showlastvisited)) $showlastvisited = false;
if (!isset($class)) $class = "mostvisited_container"; else $class = $this->CleanTextNode($class);

// If we should show "last visited" column, then these addictions to a query are necessary
if ($showlastvisited or $limitdays)
$last_visited = ", MAX(last_visited) AS last_visited ";
$last_visited2 = ",last_visited";
$last_visited = ""; $last_visited2 = "";

// Let's prepare a list of PageNames that should have counter disabled and shouldn't be listed
$disable_pages = explode(',',strtr($this->GetConfigValue('page_hit_counter_disable_pages'), array(" " => "", "'" => "")));
// Using a different variable for list in format expected by MySQL
$qr_disable_pages = array();
foreach ($disable_pages as $i => $v) if (!$v == '') array_push($qr_disable_pages, "'".$disable_pages[$i]."'");
if (count($qr_disable_pages) > 0) $qr_disable_pages = " WHERE tag NOT IN (".implode(", ", $qr_disable_pages).") "; else $qr_disable_pages='';

// Let's prepare a query addiction for limitdays
if ($limitdays) $qr_limit_days = " WHERE last_visited > SUBDATE(now(),".$limitdays.") "; else $qr_limit_days = '';

// Database query
$result = $this->Query("SELECT * FROM (SELECT t1.tag,owner,total_hits,current_hits".$last_visited2." FROM (SELECT * FROM (SELECT tag,SUM(hits) AS total_hits ".$last_visited." FROM ".$this->config['table_prefix']."pages ".$qr_disable_pages." GROUP BY tag) AS t0 ".$qr_limit_days." ORDER BY total_hits DESC LIMIT ".$showhits.") AS t1 INNER JOIN (SELECT tag,owner,hits AS current_hits FROM ".$this->config['table_prefix']."pages WHERE latest='Y') AS t2 ON t1.tag=t2.tag ORDER BY total_hits DESC) AS t3 WHERE total_hits > '0'");

// Creating the output
$str = "\n\n<div class=\"".$class."\">\n<h2>".MOSTVISITED_HEADING."</h2>\n";
$str .= "<table class=\"mostvisited\">\n";
if ($showheader) {
$str .= "\t<tr>\n";
if ($showrank) $str .= "\t\t<th class=\"rank\">".MV_RANK."</th>\n";
if ($showowner) $str .= "\t\t<th class=\"tag\">".MV_PAGENAME_WITH_OWNER."</th>\n"; else $str .= "\t\t<th>".MV_PAGENAME."</th>\n";
if ($showcurrent) $str .= "\t\t<th class=\"current_hits\">".MV_CURRENT_VERSION_HITS."</th>\n";
if ($showtotal) $str .= "\t\t<th class=\"total_hits\">".MV_TOTAL_HITS."</th>\n";
if ($showlastvisited) $str .= "\t\t<th class=\"last_visited\">".MV_LAST_VISITED."</th>\n";
$str .= "\t</tr>\n";
$i = 1;
while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result))
if ($i%2) $str .= "\t<tr>\n"; else $str .= "\t<tr class=\"even\">\n";
if ($showrank) $str .= "\t\t<td class=\"rank\">".$i.". </td>\n";
$i+=1;$str .= "\t\t<td class=\"tag\">".$this->Format("[[".$row['tag']."]]")." ";
if ($showowner)
if ($row['owner'] == "") $row['owner'] = "(".MV_NOT_OWNED.")"; else if ($row['owner'] == "(Public)") $row['owner'] = "(".MV_PUBLIC_OWNED.")"; else $row['owner'] = $this->Format("([[".$row['owner']."]])");
$str .= "<span class=\"user\">".$row['owner']."</span>";
$str .= "</td>\n";
if ($showcurrent) $str .= "\t\t<td class=\"current_hits\">".$row['current_hits']."</td>\n";
if ($showtotal) $str .= "\t\t<td class=\"total_hits\">".$row['total_hits']."</td>\n";
if ($showlastvisited)
$str .= "\t\t<td class=\"last_visited\">";
if ($row['last_visited'] == '0000-00-00 00:00:00') $str .= MV_LAST_VISITED_UNKNOWN; else $str .= $row['last_visited'];
$str .= "</td>\n";
$str .= "\t</tr>\n";

$str .= "</table>\n</div>\n";

// Displaying the output
print $this->ReturnSafeHTML($str);

===2. How to translate it===
Add the following lines to your lang/xx/ (substitute xx for a code of your language):

* Language constant used by the {@link mostvisited.php mostvisited} action
// mostvisited
define('MOSTVISITED_HEADING', 'Most visited pages');
define('MV_RANK', 'Rank');
define('MV_PAGENAME', 'Page name');
define('MV_PAGENAME_WITH_OWNER', 'Page name (page owner)');
define('MV_CURRENT_VERSION_HITS', 'Current<br> version hits');
define('MV_TOTAL_HITS', 'Total hits');
define('MV_OWNER', 'Owner'); //not used yet
define('MV_NOT_OWNED', 'not owned');
define('MV_PUBLIC_OWNED', 'public');
define('MV_LAST_VISITED', 'Last visited');
define('MV_LAST_VISITED_UNKNOWN', '(unknown)');
...replacing English texts with your translations.

===3. How to format/skin the output===
The whole output of the action is included in a div with **mostvisited_containter** class. It contains page title within <h2> tag and a table with **mostvisited** class. The while output contains classes, so it's easy to be skinned -- for details see the source.

My proposed formatting for the action (place it in yoour **css/wikka.css** file):

.mostvisited { margin-top: 1em; border-collapse: collapse}
.mostvisited th { background: #e3e3e3; padding: 0 0.5em; border: 1px solid #cccccc;}
.mostvisited td { background: #fafafa; padding: 0 1em; border: 1px solid #e3e3e3;}
.mostvisited .even td { background: #f0f0f0; }
.mostvisited td.rank, .mostvisited td.current_hits, .mostvisited td.total_hits { text-align: right; }
.mostvisited .user { font-size: smaller; }

That's all folks. Best regards -- KrzysztofTrybowski
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