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Well, I have added this page only to Test My Skills about this Cool new tool.

It amazing!

And I think it is one of the best days of my life when I have learnt new things.

Now here I think I can start creating my Own website by just typing. Right?
~&Actually, no, that is not the intention. **This** site is about a **tool** (Wikka Wiki) that allows you to easily create a site (and have others cooperate in that, if you want to). It is not for you to create your site **here**, sorry. That said, there are free hosting providers that have PHP and MySQL support, where you could easily set up your very own site using Wikka. A little Googling (try [free hosting PHP MySQL]) would no doubt turn up many. And if you just want to practice - that's what the SandBox is for... :) --JavaWoman
~~&hmmm... well, I never meant to create a site right here... I meant after installing the software on the server... I think I have that little IQ... and sorry about removing the header from the main page... I was so excited... anyways, thanks.
~~~&Well, welcome to the Wikka community, BoinkFella - why don't you go and set up your own user page here? Pretty much anything acceptable there except spam :)
~~~~&Thanks - but I am setting up my own at my machine, which infact is also for my server.

lemme test the escapse sequence.... ""[[no | link]]""

[[Sara | its Sara!]]

Good Day;
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